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Red Sorghum Chronologically Done

No description

Shaela Adams

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Red Sorghum Chronologically Done

Ya Zhan'ao mother acquires a monk lover when he is 13.
Ya Zhan'ao murders mama's monk at age 18.

Grandad kidnapped by Little Yan and beaten 50 lashed by order of Magistrate.
Granddad discovers Grandma's affair with Black Eye.
Japenese arrive, and battle begins.
Red Sorghum Chronologically Done
Grandma is dead.
Shaela Adams and Zoe Riesen

Old Geng shoots the Red Fox which betrays their bond.
Granddad brings Second Grandma back home, where Grandma attempts to nurse her back to health.
Two days before the ambush at Black Water River Battle.
Yu Zhan'ao becomes a wedding bearer.
Grandma is betrothed to Shan Bainlang.
Yu Zhan'ao carries Grandma's Sedan Chair on it's journey.
Grandma marries Shan Bainlang, and discovers he has leprosy, so she wards him off.
Yu Zhan'ao has sex with Grandma.
Yu Zhan'ao murders the Shan family.
Grandma disowns her real father for Magistrate Cao as her foster father.
Spotted Neck kidnaps Grandma, near rape, initiating Granddad's hatred for him.
The distillery workers accept Grandma as their new boss, Uncle Ahrat included.
Yu Zhan'ao gets a job at the distillery.
Yu Zhan'ao pees in the wine.
Yu Zhan'ao claims Grandma's child is his. They hook back up as lovers.
Yu Zhan'ao gets plots revenge on Spotted Neck, develops his seven-plum-blossam skill.
Yu Zhan'ao kills Spotted Neck and his gang.
Passion becomes the third member of Granddad's and Grandma's love triangle.
Instead of killing him, he just beats him up.
Commander Yu orders Mute to execute Big Tooth Yu, due to his rape of Lingzi.
The Japanese stab Jeng 18 times and leave him for dead, but the Fox licks his room and mirulously saves him.
Old Geng returns home to fins his wife and daughter dead, joins the Jiao-Gao Regiment.
Second Grandma's home is attacked, and she sacrifices herself for her child, resulting in horrible rape.
Little Auntie is murdered.
Second Grandma is possessed by a demon and prophesizes Ahrat's death.
Passion thinks she becomes possessed by a weasel's spitit and requires an exorcist.
Uncle Ahrat is taken as a worker for the Japenese.
He attempts escape and is found after killing the mules.
Sun Five is forced to skin him alive. Uncle Ahrat is dead. Obviously.
Tension between Commander Yu and Detachment Leader Leng is growing.
Commander Yu shoots the wine cup off of Dougan's head.
Dougan tells Grandma to go make fistcakes for the soldiers.
Leng never shows up.
Grandma is shot bringing up the cakes.
Dougan discovers Commander Yu is his real father.
Detachment Leader Leng shows up and takes the weapons. Feud begins.
Grandad and Father buy ammo with the money hidden by Grandma. Goat smuggle.
After Commander Yu's regiment all dies, war begins between the human's and dog clans.
Beauty is found in a well after her parents were killed. Her brother is dead.
Dog wars are raging with Red as the leader.
Single stalk garlic is always the hottest!!
Red attacks Father and is killed by Grandfather.
Father and Granddad join the Iron Society. Grandad establishes himself as leader after sorcery fails.
Granddad kidnaps Little Foot Jiang and Detachment Leader Leng, steals their weapons.
Grandma's second funeral ensues.
Iron Society and Jiao-Gao Regiment ally against Leader Detachment Leng. Japanese come after Leng overpowers them forcing an ally between the three regiments against the Japanese.
Leng hangs himself.
Grandad dies.
18 Stabs-Jen dies of starvation and cold. Country in turmoil.
Second Grandma; she dead.
Narrator returns to compile family history.
Narrator visits Second Grandma's grave who advises him to "come home."
Sorghum is now hybrid, so the voices tell him to find a pure red stalk.
Hey thanks.
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