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The Wonderful World of Wellness

No description

julie mack

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of The Wonderful World of Wellness

How do we get the work done within a realistic time limit and who in the world do I need to talk to to make things happen?!
What is wellness and why should I care?
Chat with a person near you about a Wellness topic and why it is important to you.

Group Discussion: Share out your name, location and wellness topic and how it can affect students you work with.
My role in Centennial
The Wellness Policy makes me legit.

By law, each school district must have a wellness policy and evaluate it's implementation every 1-2 years.

How SUN and AmeriCorps is essential to the work I do and to the work that happens in schools?
Three focus areas:
Employee Wellness: WOW Committee

Resources Conservation: CRCT

Student Wellness: Wellness Committee
How easy is it to incorporate Wellness into your day?
Centennial Elementary students only get 25 minutes of PE per week!
The Wonderful World of Wellness
told by Julie Mack, Centennial's District Wellness Coordinator

How did my role happen and do you have wellness advocates/champions in your worlds?
You are not a good student or a good employee when you are feeling bad, ill, hungry, fussy, or generally not well!
Resources that I like but there are many......
Fuel Up to Play 60
Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Food Hero
ODE School Gardens and F2S
Go Noodle
Safe Routes to School, Fire Up Your Feet, BTA
Suzanne Hidde, ODE Wellness Policy
Metro and the City of Gresham School recycling program
Parents, families and the communtiy resources around you
Who will help you?
How will it be sustainable?
Has it been done before?
Who do you need to get permission from, inform, or include?
Who can you ask?
How will you communcate progress, success, and how others can be included?
Things to think about.....

Cooking Classes
Gardening Activities
Community Resources
Creating Connections
Physical Activity Classes

You have so much more time to
incorpoarte activies. resources, and fun into your program!
What resources do you know about? Shout them out!
Final Thoughts.....
Find your partners
Gather your local resources
Thanks for having me! Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need some help! Julie Mack 971-533-9958 or julie_mack@centennial.k12.or.us
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