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nicholas carilli

on 1 June 2012

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Transcript of ADD

People with ADD have differences in the parts of their brains that control attention and activity. This means that they may have trouble focusing on certain tasks and subjects, or they may seem "wired," act impulsively, or get into trouble ADD is a medical condition that affects how well someone can focus, and pay attention. What is add symptoms of add Because ADD is a broad category covering different things —such as attention, activity, and impulsivity it can show up in different ways in different people. difficulty paying attention or staying focused on a task or activity •loses or forgets things, such as homework •is easily distracted, even when doing something fun Ritalin is a "brand name" for a medication made from Methylphenidate. Methylphenidate is a stimulant used to treat ADD in both children and adults Many think Ritalin is safe, or mild, because so many children use it. However, the government classifies it as a psychoactive drug with cocaine and morphine because it is highly addictive. Reduced appetite, Headache, Jittery feeling, Sleep difficulty, Irritability, Depression, Anxiety, Increased blood pressure, Seizures Ritalin One great ADD benefit is empathy, people with ADD are able to instantly connect with others. Because they inspire this sense of closeness and intimacy Creativity is also a thing that characterizes people with ADD A freqent benefit of ADD is a great sense of humor Benefits
ADD Side-effects
Ritalin Ritalin may also be used for purposes not listed in a medication guide A D D ttention eficit isorder The brain of a person who does not have ADD is much more active than the brain of a person with ADD This however does not mean
that people with ADD are stupid people with ADD actually are said
to have a higher IQ Compared to people without ADD Just a few people that you may know with ADD Albert Einstein Andrew Carnegie Thomas Edison Benjamin Franklin Bill Gates The story of
Fidgety Philip It's the first account of ADD ever written down the story was written
by Heinrich Hoffman
in 1845 Dr. Hoffman Wrote the
"Story of Fidgity Philip" as a German fairytale for his three year old son. These are the
original illustrations
for the story Treatments for ADD medication therapy natural natural diet is a way to help lessen
the symptoms of ADD.
you will need to inscrease your intake of L Tyrosine one of the amino acids 1. meat, poultry, fish, eggs
2. nuts, seeds, beans, grains
3. dairy products you will also want to decrease your sugar intake, any additives, and preservatives therapy in therapy you can learn about the different types of medications and natural ways to lessen the symptoms of ADD therapeutic treatment is beneficial, either individually or with family there is no agreement on a cause for ADD The
End Interview with
my mom Q: Where you born with ADD/ADHD?

A: Yes, but no one knew that I did. There isn’t a test for it done on babies. It doesn’t show it’s symptoms until later. For me it showed up when I was stressed by my father being sent to the Vietnam War. I was 7 in the 2nd grade and having trouble in school, day dreaming, not doing my assignments, not even remembering what the teachers where talking about to be able to learn. I began to become disorganized and sloppy. My reading and math skills were poor. I thought I was stupid.
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