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Endure, Hope, Prevail

For Jim Stavis Speaks

Brianna Doby

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Endure, Hope, Prevail

with Jim Stavis
Hope is an
action verb.
Hope is not about wishing on stars. Hope is about making things happen!
Hope is committing your best effort and positive attitude to your climb.
What does it mean to ENDURE?
To endure implies that we accept reality.

accepted my reality
as a wait list member in a cold hospital room in Madison, WI.

A heart transplant is
, until you
HAVE TO fathom
To Deny or To Endure?
Enduring our hardship means we hold it close to us--
we don't push it away out of denial.
See the mountain, and keep it close.

Enduring also means we look at the mountain and observe not
our challenge, threat, or obstacle--
but also ourselves
*in relation to* that mountain. Where do I stand?
Am I ready to endure this climb?
Enduring the waitlist,
hoping to accept a transplant.
I had to take care of myself, and get my body, my business, and my family ready for the best case scenario: a transplant.
Climbing the mountain to transplant
was a better option than the alternative: waiting for death.
Enduring the climb, hoping for the peak--the moment I reached the top, I was on a gurney....saying goodbye, and hoping for another hello.
Climb Any Mountain
3 tools
to climb any mountain
is not to reach the peak, but to end your journey and look back at what you have lived through.
Skiing with my children
is a good metaphor for learning to prevail.
Now, my way of prevailing is to look at the steps I take--here, alive, on the good earth--as my own measuring stick.
For some, the peak is enough.
For me, the looking back is better.
That means I have more mountains to climb--and I welcome them all. If I'm climbing, I'm still alive.
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