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immersive spatial environments, social networks, augmented realities, digital fabrication and event-based art

Brad Kligerman

on 28 July 2011

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Transcript of REZ/FAB/REV

REV/FAB/REZ revealing the physical, sensational and invisible forces of a complex space, composed from a multitude of overlapping realtime + stoptime dimensions REZ : residents inhabiting Sizigia, a media ecosystem in a 3-D virtual world, working on the elaboration of a model that will be fabricated during the time of an installation. An object that will be ‘emerging from’ and ‘an expression of’ the very collaborative and physical forces responsible for its generation. FAB : the installation’s sculptural component fabricated in-situ, using the ‘DINI d_shape 3-D layering printer.’ Not a scale ‘model,’ this innovative robotic building machine produces full scale objects from digital prototypes for LABoral’s Plataforma 1. REV : The project has two dimensions (Installation + Virtual) that function across two timeframes [RT] realtime + [ST] stop-time or asynchronous time :
INSTALLATION : [RT] a projected frieze capturing inworld as residents generating the project model. [ST] Time-stamped images trace the work’s change and progress. [RT] d_shape 3D printer fabricates in-situ over the course of two weeks, the installation sculpture. [ST] Light-weight materials are weaved into the form’s structure to integrate it into the exhibition space. [RT] [ST] Dynamic and static images are projected across the installation, a convergence of the project’s material and immaterial forces.
VIRTUAL : [RT] Images and updates situate the project across the Plurk and Twitter micro-blogging timelines. [RT] [ST] Social network @REZ-FAB-REV.Ning.com for communication between artists, LABoral, participants, LABoral visitors and public networks [ST] Image and video galleries.
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