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miki dowd

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Groves3EMEBJLMDTH

Introduction/Background Julia Ladd, Miki Dowd,
Emily Bernard, Eileen McCarte, and Tate Hrinchuk
Grooves Period 3 IST 10 Termite Lab Why and how do the termites follow the lines on the paper? The objective of this experiment is to find out how termites follow lines drawn on papers. The observations that led to this experiment were the termites following the lines drawn on circles in pen. Some information known before the experiment was that termites were wood-eating insects. This work is important to learn how termites interact with their surroundings. This experiment will show how the termites interact with their environment. Some of the materials used in this lab were paper in different colors, multiple writing implaments of different colors and sizes, petri dishes, scissors, and a termite. No hazardous chemicals were used in this lab. Materials/Safety Procedure 1) Obtain termite in first of three petri dishes
2) Trace outline of petri dish onto paper and cut out with scissors
3) Draw a "figure eight" on the paper circle in pen
4) Place circle in second petri dish and add termite on paper circle
5) Observe termite
6) Remove termite from petri dish two and return it to petri dish one
7) Repeat steps with different colored pens or markers and different colored paper
8) Observe behaviors of termite with different colors Data White paper with purple pen Found the line after being confused shortly
Green paper with blue pen Gets confused at crossroads but found the line quicker than before
Purple paper with red pen Was very confused for a long time, found the line, then promptly got lost
Blue paper with yellow marker Walked directly over the line and and walked around the edge of the dish
White paper with black sharpie Walked right over the line and ignored its presence Conclusion Jerold Independent Variable: Color of paper and type of writing implements Variables Dependent Variable: Termite reactions Dependent Variable The purpose of this experiment is to find out how termites interact with their environment while blind. Our goal was to discover how they do this because they are blind. We found that termites would follow lines made by pens but not by markers or Sharpies. Our hypothesis states that in the ink of the writing implement, there is a certain chemical that the termite can use its senses to detect and follow. The evidence supported our hypothesis. Some inferences are that the termites only follow pens and that the termites can smell certain chemicals. Our results showed that the termites follow the pens and not the markers or Sharpie. Some other questions are if other species of termites will perform the same actions and will different brands of pens have different chemicals and different effects on their behaviors. The effect of different colored paper and writing implements on the reaction of the termite Independent Variable http://www.ehow.com/facts_6795960_do-termites-follow-ink-line_.html#ixzz26771l8DN Termite, temperature, humidity,
spot where termite is placed Constants:
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