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WWI: The Great War

No description

Shay Briggs-Sternaman

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of WWI: The Great War

The U.S. gets in it
The end of the war
Reasons that the war started:
No Man's Land is the name for the land between the trenches.

They called it this because very few people would survive being in no man's land.
The Great War (WWI) was fought differently than other wars, the soldiers would dig long trenches, or surface tunnels, and they would fight from there.

These tactics had been used before, but never before had an entire war been fought from the trenches.
So Austria-Hungary is upset that the heir to their throne has been killed. Even though the Serbian government probably had nothing to do with it, that didn't stop Austria from trying to teach Serbia a lesson. They wanted to revenge the death of Ferdinand...they wanted to go to war.
Austria declared war on Serbia a month after the assassination.

Russia mobilizes their troops because they are allies with Serbia.

Germany views the Russian mobilization as an act of war on their ally, Austria-Hungary, and they declare war on Russia.

France is allies with Russia, and so they declare war on Germany.

Great Britain isn't really allies with France, but they have an agreement (called an entente), so they start to watch what's going on with Germany and Austria. Once Germany attacks Belgium though (A British ally), Great Britain declares war on Germany.
So even though Germany didn't start this war at all, they get pulled into it because they are allies with the country who started the war.

Everyone thought that this was going to be a short war. The estimate was that it would be over in 6-8 weeks.

The United States is staying out of it at this point because
we see it as a European problem, and we don't want to
get in it.
Editorial articles
Zimmermann note
German subs sink the Housatonic
German subs sink the Lusitania
New immigrants were from the countries that were now at war, so they felt an emotional attachment to the conflict in the "old country".
: Every country wanted their military to be bigger and badder than the next country's military.
System of alliances
: Countries join together in case their is an attack (basically, they have each other's back).
Trench warfare:
They were meeting to decide how to punish Germany for the war.
The Big 4
: (Country leaders)
Woodrow Wilson-USA
Georges Clemenceau-France
David Lloyd George-Great Britain
Vittorio Orlando-Italy
Germany was forced to pay reparations for WWI, NOT Austria-Hungary!
: Money that a defeated country has to pay as a condition of peace.
He was sure that this war would be the "war to end all wars"...was he right???
14 points
: Wilson's plan for peace
: Basically this is the idea that we keep to ourselves. "Us 1st, them 2nd" thinking.
: Bigger countries taking over smaller countries...because they can.
So, Franz Ferdinand, who is the heir to the Austrian throne, is visiting the land that he hopes will become his third kingdom. He is touring the city, someone tries to throw a small bomb into the their car, but they are unsuccessful. The driver makes a wrong turn, goes to back out of the alley that he was turning around in, and Gavilo Princip shoots and kills both the Heir and his wife.
Okay, so here's how it starts... Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece are challenging the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) for land. Turkey ends up losing most of it's land in Europe, and they are NOT happy about it.
The Zimmermann note was from Germany to Mexico.

It was Germany asking Mexico if they wanted to form an alliance against the U.S.

This was it for the U.S., we were in it now.

We join the allies in 1917.
WWI: The Great War
We were on the side of Great Britain, France and Russia, commonly referred to as
"the allied powers"
The other side was referred to as
"the central powers"
, and they included Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.
Should they be loyal to the country they came from, or the one that they lived in now???
League of nations
: This was supposed to be a place that nations could talk out their differences. A place that they could meet, so that they didn't have to go to war.

63 countries originally joined.

It had some flaws...obviously, or the second world war wouldn't have been an issue.
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