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Game Controllers

No description

H Johnston

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Game Controllers

- The Joypad

- The Joystick

- The Mouse and Keyboard

- Touch Screen Technology

- Motion Sensor Technology
Game Controllers
Game Controllers
The Xbox series of gaming consoles has sported a very recognisable controller design throughout the years.
The PlayStation Consoles are instantly recognisable for their controller design.
Razer was a brand formed in 1994 and since has become one of the most succesful controller brands in history.
The Joypad is the most common form of controller. These are handheld devices equipped with a D-Pad, two thumbsticks, two triggers, two bumpers and four buttons, each for a different purpose. Joypads are predominantly used with consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation but are available for use on a computer.
The Joypad
The Joystick is one of the oldest piecest of gaming technology out there and was - at the start of its reign - cutting edge. In 1968 when it first came out it was used for all sorts of video games (see the Atari, or the NES) but nowadays is only used in flight simulators and other flight related games.
The keyboard and mouse is probably the most recent form of game controller as PC gamers have only recently started to appear. Since that point, however, many major brands such as Razer and Logitech have started making cutting-edge products by the thousands. It is confirmed that the amount of computer gamers has increased massively in the psat few years.
The Joystick
The Keyboard and Mouse
The Xbox Controller
The PlayStation Controller
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