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Using Performance Indicators to Integrate Technology

Participants will explore technology integration into the curriculum with the use of technology driven performance indicators. Units from district curriculums will be explored for seemless integration of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Techno

Cathy Moak

on 31 August 2012

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Transcript of Using Performance Indicators to Integrate Technology

The Fantastic Voyage When I think about integrating technology I feel.... The school is on fire and everyone is safe. You have thirty seconds to run back in and grab one thing. What do you grab? Why? One burning question I have is... I am ___% here today, the rest of me is .... Where are you? ...Technologically Speaking? Native immigrant alien The ship's manifest Using notecards, please complete the following:

I am a Native because I...
I am an immigrant because I...
I am an alien because...

MOstly I am.... Charting our Course 1. Review your NETS-S handout and your colored card

2. Find others in the room with the same colored card

3. Create a Wordle with the text from your NETS-S section
using the links from technology.esc6.net

4. Save your Worldle as a picture and post it to the Nets-s glogster linked in the technology.esc6.net webpage. Break time The Flight plan Cruisin' When you return,
please visit any 4
of the 9 ports of
call to examine the
learning strategies
from Technology
Integration that Works.

Please record each
you have available
in your district that
could be used with
the strategies on Post-it
notes and paste them on
the chart paper that has
the same number as your
chosen strategies. here's what! now what? so what? Set Sail! NETS TA TEKS Core Area TEKS rigor Relevance Key Understandings The trim tab The rutter in the rutter
the Performance indicator
the leverage to move the ship http://www.tinyurl.com/TEPIs Why is it important to use evidence based
strategies with technology integration? TEPI Practice
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