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Annual Report 2012/13

Pathways Community Interest Company

Amie Franklin

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Annual Report 2012/13

Annual Report
Pathways Community Interest Company
Who Are We?
Forward from Co-Managing Directors
Pathways CIC is a not for profit Social Enterprise based in Crewe
We support the reduction of health inequalities across the North West through the services we offer.
What Makes Us Different
We provide a disparate range of services which are delivered as one entity, for a group of people that society has left behind
Our organisational achievements
To add to our achievements to date
Community Care Mental health award
National Training Award UK Individual Winner 2006
Health Service Journal and Local Government Chronicle Healthy Award 2007
LGC and HSJ sustainable communities award 2008
Positive Action Award 2008
Runner up for the Health and Social Care Awards 2008
HPMA Director of Human Resources of the Year 2008
Showcased in Brussels to inform a European debate on health and employment 2008
North West Partnership Award 2010
Greater Manchester Fit For Work Service
BME Wellbeing - Service
The health and well-being service was set up to meet the needs of black and minority ethnic individuals suffering from mild to moderate mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. The service is culturally sensitive and takes into account language and religious needs.

The Recovery Star focuses on the ten core areas that have been found to be critical to recovery
The STAR recovery model is a tool that can be used by people with mental health needs, to help them think about where they are in terms of recovery and the progress they are making.
It is designed to promote and deliver mental well-being for Minority and Vulnerable Communities, offering one to one support and referring into group sessions. Through the service we conduct an initial well-being assessment using the STAR recovery Model.
The contract is fully funded by DWP and DoH, and is delivered by Pathways CIC.
Our Co-Managing Director Yvonne Clarke was named the bronze award winner for Female Executive of the Year – Government or Non-Profit at the 9th annual Global Stevie® Awards for Women in Business
FACT - sickness absence costs the UK £6.5bn a year
Our Vision
North West Public Health Award for tackling health impacts of worklessness 2012
North West New Recruit of the Year Award 2010
Inwork Support Service
Pathways CIC's In Work Support service offers our customers the very best advice to support the retention of their employment and career development. We offer our customers advice and guidance in supporting both their employment, health and well-being, recognising the relationship and importance of each, tailoring the service to support our customer's needs and requirements.
Over 18 months our telephone based service has
successfully supported 3500 people
to be retained in employment
Growing research suggests that improving employee wellbeing
has significant organisational benefits.
Happy and healthy employees display higher levels of engagement in their work resulting in reduced sickness absence costs
Case Study
Through our cost benefit analysis we have been able to calculate that the services we offer have made:

£1,070,278 fiscal savings to the NHS

£2,956,054 wider economic benefit savings

£4,642,491 social value savings

In total that is a massive £8,668,823

As a consequence we have been able to identify that every £1 spent with Pathways CIC, we save the country £19.70
Sickness absence rates, annual averages 2011, UK.
Source: Labour Force Survey - Office for National Statistics
Any surpluses made by Pathways are ploughed back into the communities we serve.
Pathways CIC is a Mindful Employer with many of our staff having been previously unemployed and/or having long term health conditions

We are pleased and proud of the developments within Pathways over the last 12 months. This year has seen progression in many area's, more contracts being gained and the company has maintained a consistent income. Pathways portfolio now includes contracts with private organisations. We are continuing to collaborate with yet more organisations developing wider models for sustainability. This has required changes in our governance whilst retaining the vision of the business, who we employ and the process we use to make those changes.
This next year continues to be an opportunity, a pathway, to continue to facilitate change for ourselves, but more importantly our clients. This report focuses on improving health through work.
Our vision is to recognise challenges and find local solutions to promote positive health, positive lifestyles, positive employment and positive families.
Our valuable commissioners choose us for the value the populations they serve, attribute to our services, for achievement of outcomes and for the competitive prices we offer to them.
We will be an attractive partner and our teams high performance, adaptable and flexible for our commissioners.
This year our work has influenced Government policy for example the Fitness for work: the Government response to 'Heath at work - an independent review of sickness absence' and informed european wide learning on commercialisation of social value.
Engagement with Black & Minority Ethnic communities

We work with BME communities across East Cheshire to bring about health gains and improve quality of life.
We work with individuals, families and whole communities to empower them to, identify their health needs, opportunities, rights and responsibilities.
We co-produce in conjunction with our communities and health commissioners in order to address inequalities and deliver support to targeted communities.
We support communities to capacity build by enabling local people to champion health amongst family and friends and the wider community through our health advocate programme.
This influential programme has informed the 2013 Fitness for work: Government response to 'Health at work - an independent review of sickness'

Completing the STAR sessions has helped me a considerably in my everyday life. I'm very pleased with my sessions and it was great to meet my advisor. My well-being has improved and I do not feel stressed anymore. I can feel a real big difference. In my opinion, this service can help a lot of people
In order to assess the impact of the service on Quality of Life Years (QALY) The service utilises the EQ5D at assessment and discharge. This shows on average there was an improvement of 1.385 life years following receipt of intervention.
Our Fit for Work Service supports people in the early stages of sickness absence to return to and remain in work more quickly after illness or when they have developed a health condition or impairment.
We have successfully supported 3000 people to remain in work.
In order to assess impact of the service on Quality of Life Years (QALY) the services uses the EQ5D at assessment and discharge.
This showed on average there was improvement of 1.5 life years following receipt of intervention.
The cost per QALY is £233.33
In order to ensure that service meets client needs and is adaptable and flexible, we have commissioned Dynamic Chiropractors, MetroPhysio and PhysioworX Physiotherapy to deliver musculoskeletal support.

We have also worked in partnership with health professionals to improve clinical management by working with GP's, psychological services and pain management services.

We have developed competence of occupational health professionals to consider sickness absence in the context of the workplace, the individual and external factors such as debt.
Commercialisation for social value
Funded by the European Social Fund, Pathways CIC has worked with partners in the UK, Italy and Spain to develop an innovative study, to understand how social enterprises can be used more effectively, to provide services that support people back into the labour market and/or keep them there.
The study started from the premise that a more dynamic and diverse market of providers will enable better targeted and more successful service delivery with the ultimate outcome of higher levels of overall health and well-being, higher levels of employment, optimum levels of staff turnover and greater growth and productivity.
We supported the completion of a short series of workshops to gather a range of views on understanding of social enterprises, motivation for buying from social enterprises, reasons for not currently using social enterprise, understanding of social value associated with social enterprises and the way social enterprises market their products and services
The study has developed a cost benefit analysis to identify the fiscal, economic and social value in order to place monetary value on benefits of services and compare total value with total costs.
The cost benefit analysis now forms an important part of Pathways planning, performance monitoring, risk assessment and evaluation.
SENW - Large social enterprise of the year 2013
She Awards Finalist - Social
Enterprise of the year award 2013
Yvonne Clarke
Lesley Thomas
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