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Alyson Outman

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of Biomes

The Deciduous Forest
The Deciduous Forest is located in the Eastern part of the United States.
Arctic foxes
The climate of the Deciduous Forest is temperate. Which means it gets too hot or too cold
Bears hibernate in the winter and survive off of the fat that they have stored in their bodies
Wildflowers adapt by only needing little sunlight to grow
The climate of the Tundra is fridged for most of the year with short cool summers. Its average temperature is -26 degrees celcious to 4 degrees celcious.
The Tundra is located in the extreme Northern and Southern poles
The Deciduous Forest
Alga adapt by using fungus to survive
Lemmings adapt by seeking shelter in the snow.
Is a large region on earth that has a certain climate and certain kinds of organisms
Renewable Resources
A useful resource that is fairly easy to replace if it is used.(Solar,Wind,Water)
Nonrenewable Resources
A useful substance that cannot easily be replaced once it is used.(Oil,Gas,Coal
The average weather of a region over a long period of time
A place where living and non-living things interact
Wild Flower
The Taiga is located in Canada.
The Taiga has long cold winters, short cool summers, and constant snow cover.
Conifers have leaves all year round so they can keep producing food for the whole year.
Moose can survive on a diet of pine needles.
The grass lands are located in Central United States(Bread Basket)
The grasslands are Temperate in most regions. They have cold winters, hot summers, and uneven precipitation
Grasses can fertilize it self with old dying grass
Prairie dog
Prairie dogs have sharp claws to dig burrows
Is located is Southwestern United States
In the U.S. we have a cool desert. It has milder temperatures compared to deserts around the world. There's hot/dry days and cold nights
Creosote bush
Has small waxy leaves to hold in water
Kangaroo rat
Survives on the water it gets from eating roots and seeds
Rain Forest
Most of the rainforests are located near the equator
High temperatures, warm and humid, large amounts of rain
Rain Forest
Sandbox tree
Has sharp spikes and squirts out poison sap when cut
Haas grasping hands, tail, and feet to move around in the trees
Living Green means to live happier, to spend less on electricity bills, to spend less on home repairs and maintenance, to breathe cleaner air, and to prevent used things from ending up in landfills. To reduce your Carbon Foot Print.
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