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Flashback in The Scarlet Ibis

No description

Ava Scott

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Flashback in The Scarlet Ibis

Example of flashback used in a different book
A quote from FrostFire that shows flashback says, " That was honestly what I remembered most about him that night. Him standing proud and confident in his uniform, smiling and laughing with anyone who bumped into him as he stood by the King and Queen's side. Konstantin had seemed like a man in good spirits- not like one plotting murder " ( Hocking 247).
Explanation For Why The Author Used Flashback
The author is reflecting how certain memories can really impact us, like how Brother thinks about Doodle from time to time. Brother tried teaching Doodle how to walk for his own purpose because he was embarrassed Doodle couldn't walk. If Brother hadn't taught Doodle to walk for himself, Doodle wouldn't have died like the way he did.
Flashback used in The Scarlet Ibis
Brother says, " But sometimes ( like right now) as I sit in the cool, green draped parlor, the grindstone begins to turn, and time with all its changes is ground away- and I remember Doodle" (Hurst 462). In this quote Doodle is beginning to be talked about from memory.
Flashback in The Scarlet Ibis
Flashbacks are interruptions that writers do to insert past events in order to provide background or context to the current events of a narrative. ( literarydevices.net)
Ava Scott, Xiaocai Way, Sophie Janssen, Daniela Pagan, Mariana Dickson
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