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Fred Jones' Education Theory

No description

Rachel Daley

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Fred Jones' Education Theory

Fred Jones's Education Theory
Worked in UCLA
Head of of the Child Experimental Ward of the Neropsychiatric Institute at UCLA
Developed methods of helping children with severe emotions disorders
Started a set of classroom management strategies for classrooms with disabilities and non.
Objective: create classroom management methods that are powerful and affordable
Explanation of the Theory
Classroom Discipline
PAT - Preferred Activity Time
Classroom Discipline
The Bag of Tricks
Differential Reinforcement
Three-Tiered Management System
Incentive systems
Back up systems
Applications in the Classroom
Learning by Doing
Learned Helplessness
Potential Issues
PAT - Preferred Activity Time
"The underlying premise to PAT is this: If the children give me time to teach, then I have time to give them to play an educational game -- and I am still teaching. I use PAT as a reward for the time the class earns for positive behavior, minus the negative behavior. They earn minutes/seconds for positive, appropriate behavior, and they lose minutes/seconds for negative, inappropriate behavior. These are minutes earned for the entire class."
Informal Incentive Systems
"genuine incentives"
use incentives for the whole class for a "group concern"
Schedule Preferred Activities
Proximity of desks
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