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Quality process in InterGeo

Plenary talk at the InterGeo2010 conference on Saturday July 3rd about the Quality process in the I2G project.

Christian Mercat

on 2 July 2010

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Transcript of Quality process in InterGeo

You! Use our resources, become a member!
Evaluate our resources, collaborate by organizing and improving our content!
Leave comments, report bugs!

Contribute your own resources, don't let them die on your hard drive!
Annotate the resources, annotate a textbook or a curriculum text!
Feel part of our community, meet virtually or physically!
Collect by theme, organize by curriculum. Moderation by users: accessibility++
quality++ -> visibility++

“a priori” analysis as a help to appropriate
“a posteriori“ as a help to
“observe” and reflect what was only “seen”
-> part of in-service training

Contribution of users
feeling of belonging to a community
where one's opinion is valued

Identify what to improve
- appropriation (text and pedagogy)
- figure (interactive geometry)

Individual Quality perception

“Karma++” from experts
and seasoned users Which software? Interoperability Inter2Geo project Videoconferences Quality resources in the Where to find it? Which quality? What type of resource? File format Good practices A bare figure is naturally multilingual
that participate into collections comprising:
A student sheet
A teacher sheet
A pedagogical sheet License for a reusable resource (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike)
Author clearly identified (even if anonymous)
Trained Competences (essential search criterion)
Level of Education
Goup Contributions (collections, adaptation for a specific audience)
Didactical Contractof Respect between teachers and authors: Expected Quality
Sustainability by Quality Cycles
Forum attached to the resource for comments and support is for co-funded by the Community
programme eContent+ http://i2geo.net A collaborative and multilingual server that centralize resources Copy-paste between software
Exercisers inside documents/web pages
Computer Algebra System, Numerical libraries
Different inputs (video, joystick, multi-touch...)
Propose a multi-use interaction standard Exchange Protocol
(API) Petite histoire d'une ressource universitaire la Webcam conforme ava ools for xperimental athematics logo non libre (!)

éditeur iconoclaste (!) http://images.math.cnrs.fr/ InterGeo2010
Hluboka nad Vltavou Christian Mercat
July 3rd 2010
History of the resource, versions
Students productions
“lonely math planet”,
“recipe book” of math teacher
"ingredients list" http://i2geo.net Free for use and reuse

Free but not without

Token of currency:

Respect for authors:

Respect for teachers: “Resources in germs” possible and welcome!
Call for collaboration, good idea to follow...
Collection, pedagogical organisation Librairie berlinoise J T E M
Outil pédagogique d'enseignement de l'analyse complexe


Image des mathématiques for example by finely slicing resources
or resolving URLs to make them reusable Value
Improve Teacher with many hats WP2 WP5 WP3 WP6 Is it worth the trouble? Why bother? What is there for me?
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