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Book report by: Manjari Swarna

Manjari Swarna

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Divergent

By: Veronica Roth
Book Report by: Manjari Swarna Divergent
By: Veronica Roth
Book Report by: Manjari Swarna In the novel, the dystopian society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue. On an appointed day each year, all of the 16-year-old must select the faction to which they will belong to for the rest of their lives after taking a placement test. Factions Abnegation:
The Peaceful They refuse or deny ones self (some rights, conveniences, etc.). They sit quietly and wait. They bow their heads as a sign of respect when greeting each other. They are not manipulative, but not forthright either. All of their clothing is grey and simple, and the only accessory allowed is a watch. Women usually wear their hair in a bun or a knot. The Abnegation are rivals with the Erudite faction. They also have no official leader, they are led by a governing council. Dauntless:
The Brave The Dauntless are fearless, undaunted, and brave.They are courageously resolute, especially in the face of danger, and are never discouraged. They are good at fighting, and have combat skills. They usually wear all black clothing, have tattoos and piercing, and unnatural hair colors. They are neutral with all of the factions. Their leader is Max, and in "Insurgent" power is shifted to Eric, and then after to Four, Tori, and Harrison. Erudite:
The Intelligent The Erudite are characterized by great knowledge. They chat about books, newspapers, and are in constant pursuit of knowledge. They are also very curious, which drives them to see knowledge. Most members wear glasses, no matter how perfect their vision is. They are also required to wear at least on piece of blue clothing. The faction is rivals with Abnegation. The leader of Erudite is Jeanine Mathews. Amity:
The Peaceful The Amity are friendly, peaceful, and harmonious. They are mutually understanding, and have peaceful relationships. They love music, art, games, and laughter. They also give hugs when greeted. Members dress comfortably in red and yellow clothing. The Amity are rivals with the Candor faction. The Amity do not have an official leader, but rather a representative in Johanna Reyes Candor:
The Honest Candor are frank, honest, and sincere in speech or expression. They are honest, trustworthy, and sound leaders. They can read body language to detect lies. They wear black and white cloths, and men wear black suits with white ties. They are rivals with the Amity faction. They also do not have and official leader, but their representative is Jack Kang. The Factionless The Factionless is a status when a person is not welcome into any faction, being factionless is considered worse than death because the factionless have to suffer. It is not desired by any faction to be factionless ever. The Abnegation usually give food to the factionless. It is said that they get the worst jobs in Chicago, they become factory workers, garbage truck drivers, or other low paying jobs. most of the factionless become factionless due to their inability to complete their factions initiation, but some chose to take on the title of factionless by choice because they do not agree with the view of the faction they chose as their own. The factionless are very large, it is said by Tobias's mother in the second book that they are twice the size of Dauntless. Evelyn Johnson,Tobis's mother, is the leader of the Factionless. Divergent Divergence is the tendency to diverge from the norm, which in this case is the mindset and way of thinking the factions are meant for. For most Divergent it is easy to adapt to the way of thinking of the faction they are a part of. Divergent minds are said to move in several different directions, and con't be confined to one way of thinking, which means that they cannot be controlled. For this reason faction leaders are terrified of them, and see them as threats that will always cause trouble for them. Erudite, and Dauntless have taken action against the Divergent. Many divergent can be found in Abnegation, and also from the factionless, as someone who has an aptitude for multiple factions may find it hard to adapt to one way of thinking. There are two ways to conclude whether someone is Divergent or not, one way is through the aptitude test, someone who is determined inconclusive is divergent, and the other way is through the simulation serums developed by the Erudite, if you are aware during them you are Divergent. Many Divergent get aptitude for more than one faction, but the most someone has ever gotten is three (Tris). Characters Beatrice "Tris" Prior Tris is the main protagonist and narrator in the book. She is a strong-willed 16-year-old, who hates showing weakness. She was born in Abnegation, but transfers to Dauntless, and must face the fact that she is Divergent. After transferring, she changes her name to Tris, short for Beatrice, hoping for a fresh start in a new faction. Even though she was a member of Abnegation at the beginning of the book, Tris found that she never learned to willingly follow her factions virtue, selflessness; she ofter found herself thinking of her wants (this was because she was Divergent). During her Aptitude test it is revealed that Tris has aptitude for Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite, the most someone has ever gotten aptitude for. Tris is also extreamly brave throughout the book, intellingent, and selfless. She is also known to have a temper, and seems unbrskeable, though she can be sensitive at times. Tobias "Four" Eaton Tobias Eaton, also know as Four, is one of the main characters in the Divergent series, and is the son of Evelyn and Marcus Eaton. He is one of the Dauntless transfer initiate traitors along with Lauren. Later on in the book her becomes Tris's boyfriend. He is also revealed to be Divergent, with an aptitude for Dauntless and Abnegation. He left Abnegation due to his strained relationship with his father. He also rejected becoming a Dauntless faction leader because he would have to meat with his father, a faction leader, for meetings. He is caring, and tries doing things to help the people he cares about. He also has a temper. Four got his nickname from Amar, a fomer instructor, and it is sybolic because he only has four fears, the lowest number of fears anyone ever had. He came first during his initiation. Eric Eric is a Dauntless leader who was a transfer. He is menacing, wicked, and indifferent to the fate of those around him. He is competitive, and enjoys intimidating initiates, members, and pretty much anyone he comes into contact with. He is excessively cruel and violent, and enjoys inflicting pain upon others. He is described as having cold eyes which make him all the more menacing, scabbed knuckles, and a wicked smile. Eric becomes Four's nemesis during their initiation as Four finished first, and Eric second. Eric has hated him ever since, and is particularly rude and terrible to him. Eric also betrays Dauntless by helping Erudite attack Abnegation near the end of the book. He is an antagonist. Peter Peter is a central antagonist who was originally from candor, and transferred to Dauntless. He is one of Tris's enemies. Throughout the first book, Peter is shown to be cruel, antagonistic, ill-tempered, and easily jealous. Peter's behavior is ofter unpredictable, and violent. His character becomes much more complex in "Insurgent" (the second book) when he saves Tris from being murdered. He follows the "eye for an eye" moral code, and dislikes being indebted to someone. He also thinks of his own good more than anyone. He is usually seen with his two lackeys, Molly and Drew. Jeanine Matthews Jeanine Matthews is the main antagonist in the Divergent series. She is also the leader of Erudite, solely because of her IQ. She is also the ringleader behind the Erudite hate for Abnegation, and for the hate of Divergent. She spreads lies about Abnegation in order to smear bad faith to the faction. Jeanine along with Eric was responsible for the second war. She was the one who developed the serum that enabled the killing of the Abnegation. Her motives are revealed in the second book. Other Characters Caleb Prior- Tris's older brother, Erudite transfer
Christina- Tris's first and best friend in Dauntless
Uriah- Dauntless- born initiate, Tris's close friend, Zeke's brother
Tori- Friend of Tris, helped Tris with Divergence
Will- Good friend of Tris's during initiation
Natalie Prior- Tris's mother
Albert "Al"- Tris's initiate friend, but he later betrays her
Marcus Eaton- Tobias's father, Abnegation leader
Andrew Prior- Tris's father
Lynn- Dauntless-Born initiate, Tris's friend
Marlene- Dauntless-born initiate, Tris's friend
Max- Dauntless leader
Susan Black- Abnegation acquaintance of Tris, Robert's sister
Molly Atwood- Peter's lackey, Tris's enemy
Drew- Peter's lackey, Tris' enemy
Edward- Transfer initiate
Robert Black- Abnegation acquaintance of Tris's, Susan's brother
Lauren- Dauntless-born initiate trainer
Amar- Former initiate trainer, deceased
Myra- Dauntless transfer initiate
Zeke- Dauntless member, Uriah's brother
Shauna- Dauntless member, Lynn's older sister
Cara- Will's older sister from Erudite
George Wu- Tori's brother who transfered with her, deceased
Rita- Dauntless member
Bud- Dauntless member, works in the tattoo shop with Tori Setting A map of the Divergent Chicago. Divergent is a dystopian novel, and takes place in a dystopian Chicago. The city is divided into 6 sectors, one for each of the 5 factions, and one for the Factionless. It is implied that it takes place in the future, but it is not known exactly when. Plot Summary In the future Chicago has split into five factions, each one for a different virtue. On a given day each year, all of the 16-year-olds must take a test that tells them which faction they belong to. After they take the test they can decide weather or not they transfer from their faction into another faction for the rest of their lives. Beatrice Prior was born into Abnegation, but selflessness never came naturally to her, and she feels lonely and constricted by her environment. When she takes her aptitude test, she is shocked to learn that she has appitude for Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite. Tori, the girl administering her test tells her that this means that she is Divergent, and that she cannot tell anyone, otherwise they will kill her. Later that night at the dinner table,Tris' father is upset about the rumors Erudite is spreading about Abnegation, and Tris concludes that she can no longer live the life of obligation that is Abnegation, and that she cannot chose Erudite. Her brother also tells her that they have to think of them selves the next day when they chose their faction. The next day at the choosing ceremony, Tris is still struggling to decide weather she should stay in Abnegation, or transfer to Dauntless. When her brother is called up, he chooses Erudite, and Tris knows she will stay in Abnegation so that her parents have one child left. When it is her turn to choose, she is about to pick Abnegation, but at the last moment she chooses Dauntless. She leaves with all of the other Dauntless initiates, and must jump onto a moving train. With the help of Christina, a Candor transfer she makes it on, and they become good friends. When it is time to jump off of the moving train, they both jump off together. some of the transfers did not make it, and either became factionless, or were dead. She is teased by Peter for being a "stiff" (derogatory slang for a member of abnegation) and she knows he will be a problem. The initiates are told that they must Jump off a building several stories high to get to the Dauntless compound, and Tris is the first to volunteer, knowing she needs to work up a reputation, since she is from Abnegation. She jumps and lands in a net, and hands help her off of the net. She is welcomed to Dauntless. Four and Lauren take them though the compound, and the Dauntless-born initiates leave with Lauren. Four introduces himself as their new instructor. They are shown the pit, a huge underground cavern made of rock, and a chasm. They are introduced to Eric, a particularly icy faction leader. The initiates are taken into a training room, and Eric explains the ground rules, and tells them that they will be ranked in order to select future job opportunities, and to determine which 10 of the Dauntless-born and the transfers make it, and get to stay in Dauntless. Tris knows her odds are not great since there are 11 Dauntless-born, and 9 transfers, and she is the smallest. She is determined to become a member. The next day the transfers learn that the initiation is divided into three stages, physical, emotional, and mental. Four teaches them how to fire a gun, and discusses the need for preparation. Tris fires and doesn't hit the target once, and Will, an Erudite transfer, jokes that she should have hit the target at least once. She becomes determined and hits the bulls-eye, and feels like she actually belongs in Dauntless. Tris, Christina, Will, and Al, all eat lunch together, and then they go back to the training room where Four teaches them punches and kicks, and gives her advice. Tris and Christina go shopping for black clothes, and meat Will and Al at the tattoo parlor, where she run into Tori and asks for help about being Divergent, but she is told that she is on her own. Tris then gets a tattoo of three birds in flight, one for each of the family members she left behind. The next day scedualed fighting between initiates beings, and Tris is left out because there is an odd number of people, 9. Christina also tells Tris about how Peter, Molly, and Drew are pure evil. Eric makes it clear that one of the fighters must be unable to fight any more to end the battle, even though Four does not agree. After some people fight, it is Christina's turn to fight against Molly, and she gets beat up very badly, and yells at her to stop. Eric take the initiates to the chasm and makes Christina hang over the railing for 5 minutes in order for her to forget her cowardliness. After struggling Christina makes it, with the help of her friends. The next day Tris leaves the sleeping room the initiates are staying in, and when she comes back, she finds that Peter spray painted "Stiff" across her bed, and fiercely opposes that they are now in the same faction. Later in the training room, Tris sees that she had been unfairly pair with Peter to fight, and she loses. Halfway through the fight, Four leaves. Tris wakes up with Christina, Will and Al at her bedside, and Christina informs her that there will be a trip outside of the Dauntless complex the next day, and goes with Will to dinner while Al stays behind and comforts her. Christina wakes Tris up when they are getting ready to leave for the trip, and they get on the train. Four shows them the fence that surrounds the city and tells them that if they are in the bottom five at the end of initiation, that they will probably end up as fence guards. He also tells them that he was first in his initiation and didn't chose a government job because he didn't want one after Peter asks. Later Four gives some fighting advice to Trice, and tells her that he left in the middle of her fight because it wasn't something he wanted to see. A few days later Tris is exhausted after fighting a girl named Myra and winning. Four, Eric and other Dauntless burst into the dormitory, and tell them to get up and get dress because they are going on a field trip. On the train all of the initiates (including Dauntless-born) are supplied with paintball guns and split into two teams for capture the flag. She is on Four's team, who picked all of the people who are narrow and small, but fast, while Eric picked all the initiates who were big and powerful, and she sees that Four is smarter than Eric. The Team hides the flag in an old carousel, and tries to strategize, and Tris walks towards the Ferris Wheal and climes up it. Four follows her and she tells him tat she is seeking higher ground. on the way up she realizes that Four is afraid of heights. Once on top they scout out the other team, and climb down, but one the way some of the bars loosen, and Tris dangles. Four saves her by climbing down, and turning on the Ferris wheel and Tris moves down and hits the ground safely. They go back to the initiates, and tell them were the other team is, and they go get the flag, but just as Tris reaches it, Christina grabs the flag and tells Tris that she is enough of a hero already. On the way back, Tris makes friend with Uriah and Marlene, and she believes she can truly be happy in Dauntless. The next day the initiates begin target practice with knives. Eric is especially terrible because of his loss during paintball. Peter taunts Tris while she is practicing, and she is the first to hit the target, which shuts him up. Everyone eventually hits the target, except for Al, and Eric notices this and tells him to go get his knives while everyone is still throwing, but he refuses, so Eric makes him stand in front of the target while Four trows knives at the target. Tris argues with Eric, and takes Al's place. Four taunts her while he throws the knives, and she yells at him. Four throws the last knife and it hits her ear. After everyone leaves Tris yells at Four, and he tells her that he is tired of waiting for her to catch on , and then leaves the room, both of them angry. The next day tris is worried about visiting day, which is the next day. She is trying to get her clothes on, but they don't fit because she is developing muscle. She goes back to the dormitory wearing only a towel, and Peter and his lackeys are there. They taunt her because of her body type, and she grabs a dress and goes, but they rip off her towel. She runs to the bathroom, and wants to hurt them. Later in the training room she sees that she is paired with Molly, and she is angry and beats her up badly. Four ends up having to pull her away, and when Tris sees Molly on the floor, she wants to be sorry, but she isn't. The next day, it is visiting day, and not everyone's families come. Tris's mom visits her, and Tris asks her about her dad, but her mom says that he has been selfish lately. She also tells Tris that Erudite have banned Abnegation visitors, so she cannot visit Caleb. Tris's mom meets Four, and she thinks he looks familiar, but he writes it off. Tris and her mom then go to meet Will and Christina's families, and on their way, they are stopped by Al's parents who are looking for him. Will's sister insults them for being Abnegation, and Natalie (Tris's mom) must pull Tris away from the scene. She guides Tris away, strangely knowing her way around, and she then asks about her rank, and tells her not to draw attention to herself, especially not in the second round. Tris tells her about her inconclusive results, and Natalie tells her that a lot of Abnegation get this, and she then tells her to ask Caleb about the simulation serum, and that she can't explain anything now, and leaves. Tris realizes that her mother was Dauntless. Back in the dormitory, Tris sees Al who didn't meet with his parents because he was embarrassed. He makes a move on Tris, but she rejects him. At dinner, her friends talk about the aptitude test, and she lies and says she got Abnegation. Back in the Dormitory, Four puts their ranks up, they are as followed: 1. Edward, 2. Peter, 3. Will, 4. Christina, 5. Molly, 6. Tris, 7. Drew, 8. Al, 9. Myra. That night, Edward is stabbed in the eye with a butter knife, and Peter and Drew are no where to be seen. Edward and Myra both quit, and 2 Dauntless-borns were cut. Tris's now ranked 5. The next day, Uriah finds Tris alone in a hallway, and she joins him and the other Dauntless-born initiates in a "initiation ceremony", which is led by the older siblings of the initiates. The group gets on a train, and goes to an empty Hancock building, and go the 100 floor, then to the roof. They make a makeshift zip line harness, and zip far across from the building. Tris goes, and loves it, and when she stops, she is 20 feet in the air. She trusts everyone to catch her, and they do. She excepts that they are hers, and that she is theirs. They group comes back to the compound and she is more determines to make it trough the next stage of initiation. The Dauntless-born and the transfers will now be training together, and they are called into a room for stage two. Four is administering her test, and she will be injected with a serum and will face her fears. He tells her that she will have to stay in the simulation long enough to calm down. In the simulation, she is endlessly attacked by crows, she remembers that it isn't real, and calms herself, and come out of it freaking out, and Four escorts her back to the dorm, and tells her she got out 3 minutes faster than the other initiates. He tells her that the simulation wasn't about being fearless, but about controlling fear. They then talk about how Dauntless changed when new leadership stepped in, among other things. Tris finds Peter reading an article by the Erudite about how she had a bad upbringing, and that is why her and Caleb left Abnegation. Molly told a reporter these things as revenge, and Tris attacks Peter and Molly, but Will pulls her away. Later Christina and Tris get dauntless tattoos and Tris gets one of Abnegation as well. Tris later sees Four drunk by the chasm, and he tells her she looks good. Tris realizes that Al still cares too much about her, that Will and Christina will catch onto her and Four, and how Will and Christina act around each other. The next day in her simulation, she is trapped in a glass box with water slowly filling it while her friends watch and do nothing. She remembers not to panic, and she breaks the glass. After she wakes up, Four says that she is Divergent, and that is why she could control the stimulation, and that he will delete the footage, and then yells at her to be more careful.Tris wants more answers, so she goes to see Tori. Tori tells her that because she is Divergent she is aware during the simulations, and she tells her that because she is Dauntless, people like her tend to die. She tells her that if the Dauntless leaders find out they will kill her. She then explains that her brother was Divergent and they killed him, and tells Tris to be careful. A few days later after a few more simulations, Eric posts the ranks for the second stage. Tris is first, and Peter is second with a huge margin between them. He gets angry and attacks her, but Will defends her. Peter than says that Tris could be manipulating them, and Will and Christina don't believe that she is just a good friend, and they leave. Al is last, so she tries to comfort him, but he makes her leave. Uriah, Lynn, and Marlene find her and congratulate her, and they play around. They are ushered out of the room, but Four stops her and congratulates her. Later, in the middle of the night, Tris wakes up and goes to get a drink, and hears Eric talking to a women about how there weren't any signs of Divergence. She tells him that they must find all of the Divergent. She tries to see who the voice belongs to, but is grabbed from behind by Peter. He is with two other people and blindfold her, and she realizes that one of them is Al, and that they are taking her towards the chasm. She tries fighting back, and is dropped. She gets the blindfold off, and sees Al running away, and Peter dangles her over the railing. Four comes and saves her after beating up Drew. Tris wakes up in Four's bedroom, and he tells her he put Drew in the infirmary, and that Peter and Al ran. That night Tris sleeps in Fours room, and in the morning, she walks into the dining hall and tell her friends what happend, and they apologies to her, and comfort her. Four leads the initiates to the room here they will undergo the third stage of initiation, a fear landscape were everyone is aware, like Divergent. Later Tris sees Al in the dorm, and he tries to apologize to her,but Tris tells him that she does not forgive him. Later, Christina awakens Tris, and tells her something is wrong with Al, and wen they go to the chasm, people are dragging his dead body out of the water. Tris then goes to Tori for consolation, and after they go to the funeral ceremony were Molly taunts Tris about another article, and Eric makes a speech about Al, and how he was brave to commit suicide. Later Four consoles her. Tris later tears up the reports for Erudite, and throws them into the water. Tris then sees Four, who takes Tris into his fear landscape, and she figures out why he is called Four, and that his real name is Tobias, a former member of Abnegation who left due to Abuse from his father, Marcus, an Abnegation leader. They talk for a bit, and then they share a moment. Theh next day Tobias completely ignores Tris, and later everyone gets to practice the fear landscape with one of Lauren's fears, and when Tris loses control and starts screaming, Tobias yells at her and calls her pathetic, so she smacks him, tells him to shut up, and leaves. Tris decides to leave the compound, and visit Caleb. When see sees him, they argue, and she tells him to research the stimulation serum, when see is walking away, two Erudite men arest her, and takes her to Jeanine. Jeanine suspects that Tris is Divergent, and questions her, and Tris lies and says what Jeanine expects to hear. She is the driven back to Dauntless where Eric accuses her of different things, but Tobias steps in and saves her. He then explains why he was being rude, and they make up. Tris meets Tobias that night, and they take a train to the Erudite compound, where he tells her that he hacked into files and discovered that Erudite was planning a war on Abnegation, and that the Erudite and Dauntless were working together. The next day Tris goes through her fear landscape, and passes all of the obstacles. After she is congratulated on getting through all of her fears, and is injected by Eric with what he says is a tracking device. Later Tris and Tobias talk, and spend time together. After Tris goes and talks to Will and Christina, and then the ranks are posted, and Tris is first, and all of her friends were not cut. Tris kisses Tobias, and then pieces everything together. The injection Eric gave her and all of the other members is how they will control Dauntless into attacking Abnegation. Tris wakes up to everyone simultaneously getting dressed and realizes they are being controlled, so she pretends to be controlled to. Everyone is armed, and gets onto a train, where she sees Tobias and discovers he is Divergent, and aware as well. After they get off the train, everyone goes and starts killing, but Tris and Tobias must ignore it and keep on walking. Eric tries to shoot Tobias, but Tris stops him by threatening to shoot him, and shoots him in the foot. Tris and Tobias run, but she gets shot in the shoulder, and Tobias refuses to leave her. They are herded into a room where Jeanine questions them, and then injects Tobias with a serum that works on Divergent, and he tries to kill Tris after Jeanine commands him to. He is taken to the control room, while Tris is taken to another and knocked out. Tris wakes up enclosed in glass with water slowly filling the tank. She is about to except her death when her mom comes and shoots a bullet at the tank, shattering it. She tells Tris that she used to be Dauntless, and that she is Divergent also, and that they must get to her father and Caleb who are hiding in a basement. Natalie distracts the Dauntless so Tris can get to her Brother and Father, but she is shot. Tris knows she must keep on running, so she does. Three soldiers follow her, and one of them is Will, but she shoots them anyway. She gets to the basement and is reunited with her brother and father, and they tend to her bullet wound. They begin to plan on how to shut the computers down , so they can stop the simulation.Caleb, Marcus, and her father join Tris, while other go to Amity. They make it to the Dauntless compound. Peter, who isn't a sleepwalker, starts shooting at them, but Tris shoots him, and they come to a comprimise, he will tell them were the controlle rome is if they take him with him when they leave. They go to to a building and Tris and her father go in while Caleb, Peter, and Marcus stay behind. Inside the building they take out soldiers as they go, but along the way Tris's father is shot, and he dies. Tris goes to the control room, and sees Tobias, and he is still under the simulation. Tris and Tobias attack each other, and Tris tries reasoning with him that he is under a simulation, but it doesn't work. Tris gives Tobias the gun and he presses the barrel into her her forehead and is about to shoot, but the bullet never comes. He fights off the simulation, and is back to normal. They reunite, and he ends the simulation. Tobias gets the simulation information off the computer so no one can start it again, and then gives the drive to Tris, and they leave. They see that many people died, and they go back out to Caleb, and she tells him that their dad is dead. She also tells Marcus to stay away from Tobias, and defends Tobias against his fathers remarks. They take a train to Amity, and Tris feels guilty for killing Will. Tris knows that they are not safe yet. She knows that she is no longer Tris, the selfless, or Tris, the brave, but that she must become more than either. Themes One Choice can transform you
Don't let others determine your choices
Don't let your fears determine what you can do
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