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Pipelines and Air Cargo Services

This is for a project for marketing that is about pipelines and air cargo services

Andrew McVay

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Pipelines and Air Cargo Services

Double click anywhere & add an idea Pipelines 200,000 miles of pipelines in the US
frequently used to transport oil and natural gas
move oil from oil fields to refineries
the refined products are the sent to retailers Advantages operation costs are relatively small
has the best safety record of all major transportation systems
suffer minimal product damage or theft
not subject to weather delays
risk of a leak is low Disadvantages require high initial investment
products move slowly
when a leak occurs enviroment damage is extensive General Information Air Cargo Services less than one percent of the total ton-miles of freight shipped
emergency parts, instruments, and medicines may also be shipped by air
prevent damage to product greatest advantage is its speed
reduces inventory expenses and storage costs greates disadvantage is its cost
most expensive form of distribution
mechanical breakdowns
delivery caused by bad weather Disadvantages Advantages General Information Alaskan Pipeline 800 miles long
since its startup in 1977 it has transported 16 billion barrels of oil

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