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Sugiarto Sugiarto

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of UTS : INSEARCH

Contact info

Future Domestic (Australian/NZ Citizens) Students

[Telephone] 1800 896 994
(within Australia)
[Telephone] +61 02 9218 8700
(outside Australia)
[Fax] 02 9281 9875
[Email] courses@insearch.edu.au

UTS : Insearch is a premium pathway provider to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), one of the leading University in Sydney.
Future International Students

[Telephone] +61 02 9218 8700
[Fax] +61 02 9281 9875
[Email] courses@insearch.edu.au
UTS:Insearch website : http://www.insearch.edu.au/

UTS website : http://www.uts.edu.au/
Students life and facilities
More than 100 social and sport clubs
Monthly event
Recreation trips
Hang-out places
Sport facilities
UTS: Insearch offer high quality academic programs.

Each programs has different studies and it based on what student needed.
Academic and general English Programs
English programs are design to help students success in English, also give student the skill that they need for success at university.

UTS Foundation Studies
Foundation studies help students to prepare for Australian university study in a range of disciplines. The content of this studies are related to the field of study that students wish to pursue at UTS.
Diploma Programs
This programs are suitable for students that still unsure about what degree that they should choose at university and would like the opportunity to study at diploma first to confirm the decision.

Diploma programs are equivalent to first year of undergraduate degree at UTS. Diploma students are guaranteed to second year at UTS after complete their diploma.
Why choose Insearch
All academic programs are designed in collaboration with the corresponding UTS facilities.
Students get benefit from small class with maximum of 20 students to maximize learning outcomes.
Access to UTS facilities,such as world-class library and 24-hour computer labs.
Free learning assistance sessions
UTS: Insearch provides a highly supportive and caring culture.
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