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No description

Lauren Davis

on 18 October 2010

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Transcript of Interpretations

Interpretation for Dummies Semantics signifiers symbols images the study of meaning an understanding of a word Interpretation starts with the study of.. Dance interpretation is a product of thought in the preliminary stages of grasping an object by conscience thought in the effort of deciding whether the object can be adequately described or explained at all then there are... words images which can be a multitude of things a few examples... Hayden White's definition of interpretation... meant to give a mental image meant to clarify literal figurative It is the meaning that the native speakers are most likely to think of when they are asked about the word in isolation.
-Vern Poythress
what does it really mean? adhering to fact or to the ordinary construction or primary meaning of a term or expression
-Merriam-Webster expressing one thing in terms normally denoting another with which it may be regarded as analogous
-Merriam-Webster compares two things that are different in enough ways so that their similarities, when pointed out, are interesting, unique and/or surprising.
- 42explore.com EXAMPLE: "a wet blanket" "a negative individual who takes pleasure in ruining other peoples fun" "a piece of cloth drenched with some form of liquid" but someone may interpret Van Gogh's Starry Night differently than someone else what can we interpret from this poster? we all interpret green lights as meaning GO two basic types of meaning: an interpretation can also be either a description or an explanation most take this literally but the crown may refer to a population controlling "Big Brother" attitude and there is always another meaning to something that may seem... just remember... completely obvious as a "Don't Worry, It will be OK" slogan the figurative meaning... the literal meaning... interpretation is mostly left to the interpreter. We as humans cant see eye to eye constantly
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