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History of Rock n Roll

No description

Pickles R

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of History of Rock n Roll

History of Rock n Roll timeline
!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock music was born
around the same time as R&B 1950s Country
and Gospel music contributed to the beginning of Rock n Roll Gospel music is a musical form of praying. It is happy and upbeat. Rock music originated
in the U.S.A Country music is simple, and usually involves a guitar and harmonica. both contributed to Rock's beginning Records grow in size and become better quality, allowing for more songs to fit on one disc and for records to be able to be dispersed with ease. 1950 a smaller and higher quality radio is created, allowing for more people to listen to the music. 1950 Elton John:
1964-present some rock artists from the 50s are: Elvis Presley
Years as artist: 1953-1977 Chuck Berry
Years as artist: 1950-present Fats Domino
Years as artist: 1949-present Little Richard
Years as artist: 1948-present the Everly Brothers
Years as group: 1957-1973 Some rock artists from the 60s are: Jimi Hendrix
Years as artist: 1963-1970 the Beatles:
Years as group: 1960-1970 the Rolling Stones
Years as group: 1962-present the Beach Boys
Years as group: 1961-present James Brown
Years as artist: 1954-2006 Some rock artists from the 70s are: KISS
Years as group: 1973-present Dire Straits
Years as group: 1977-1988 1991-1995 the Eagles
Years as group: 1971-1980 1994-present Queen
Years as group: 1970-1991 Queen (after Freddy Mercury died)
Years as group: 1997-present ZZ Top
years as group: 1969-present Some rock artists from the 80s are: Michael Jackson
Years as artist: 1964-2009 INXS
Years as group: 1977-2012 Mötley Crüe
Years as artist: 1981-present the Beastie Boys
Years as group: 1981-present Journey
Years as group: 1973-1987 1995-present Some rock artists
from the 90s are: Guns n Roses
Years as group: 1985-present Phil Collins
Years as artist: 1960-2011 Run DMC
Years as group: 1981-2002 Björk
Years as artist: 1977-present Three kinds of rock music are: Rock n Roll, the foundation of rock music. Originated in the USA 1950 Garage Rock, an amaturish style of rock from North America in the mid 60s Glam rock, which was raise out of English psychedelic rock scenes in the 60s By
Teigan Rosen and Joel Grumbaum Different types of Rock music. (n.d.). Retrieved 6 8, 2013 from Types of Music: http://www.types-of-music.net/rock/different-types-of-rock-music/Greatest rock n roll artists. (n.d.). Retrieved 6 8, 2013 from digital dream door: http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/best_artists60s.htmlrock and roll history. (n.d.). Retrieved 6 8, 2013 from http://www.esto.es/rock/english/history.htm Bibliography keep on rockin!
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