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Gartree High School

No description

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Gartree High School

Gartree High School
Trip to France 2016



Everyone at home!!
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Château Beaumont
We are leaving school at
on MONDAY 14th March 2016.
Please arrive at school
no later than 2.15am
so we can check bags and medicines before departing at 2:45am.

We sail on the BRITTANY FERRY LG24901
from Portsmouth to Caen at
8am - 3pm local time.
We arrive at the Château at approx. 5.30pm Monday.
Arrival: Day One
Sleep on the bus (!!)
Fun on the ferry until 3pm French time.
Journey to the Chateau.
Arrive at 5pm ish.
Unpack, have tea and a treasure hunt!
Day Two
Breakfast: 8am
In the morning we are based at the Chateau:
Team games
Zip wire
Lunch at the Chateau
Animal Refuge
Evening Meal: 6.30pm
Evening entertainment: 8.30pm
Scrap Heap Challenge
and hot chocolate

Day four:
am: Mont St Michel

pm: Fougères castle and Monbana Chocolate Shop
Evening: Talent show and disco!
The Château is situated in the picturesque village of Chailland in the district of Mayenne; an area full of French history and culture. We will be based at the Château for some of the activities during our action adventure week, but we will also be out and about on visits.
For the Journey
It is quite a long journey and your child will need to keep themselves entertained!
computer games
a book/ puzzle book
DVDs ( nothing other than PG or U)
snacks and a packed breakfast/ lunch
Your child can purchase a hot meal on the ferry.

Should all be clearly marked with:
'Gartree High School French Trip'
Home address
Contact number
Your child will be expected to CARRY
this case themselves. So it should not be too big!
Packing List
Jeans/ trouser/leggings ( at least 3 pairs)
Shorts ( 1 pair)
Jumper (2)
Tops ( at least 6 two being long sleeved)
Trainers/ footwear
Waterproof jacket
Night clothes and slippers
Underwear and socks enough for a clean pair each day
Toiletries ( soap, shampoo, flannel, toothpaste, tooth brush, comb, brush, deodorant)
Hand towel
Large towel
Small rucksack for day trips
Spending money
Plastic bag for laundry
Games and books for the journey
Fancy dress outfit
Party clothes for disco
Old clothes for the activities
Spending Money

Day Three
Am: trip out to the French market
and the hypermarket

Pm: Activities including: archery, Nightline, zip wire and climbing

Evening: French Quiz and Fancy Dress night.
Day Five

Pack and get ready for the journey home.

World War 2 Cemetery in Bayeux
Arromanches 360 cinema ( 4 Euros)
Normandy Landing Beaches

Ferry at approx . 2pm

If your child has any medication that you would like them to have during the trip such as travel sickness tablets, hay fever tablets, paracetamol etc. then
they should all be given to Ms Helgeson on OR BEFORE the departure day, depending on the nature of the medication.
They should all be in a clear plastic bag with your child's name and any instructions clearly labeled.
Your child will NOT carry their own passport.

This will need to be handed into the school office
by Friday 4th March 2016.
These will be kept in a locked safe and the child will be given them prior to going through immigration and then collected in again when through the other side.

If your child does not have a British passport, please let this be known to Miss Helgeson this evening.
YOUR child's EHIC card should be handed in with their passport.
These are FREE from www.ehic.org.uk
The Return Journey

We return on the Brittany ferry
LG24901 departing from France at 2pm.
We should arrive back at Gartree approx 12.30am Saturday.
Expectations of behaviour
All pupils and staff on the trip are representing Gartree High School and Great Britain.
Therefore model behaviour is
expected at all times.

Pupils will be expected to
be polite and courteous.
Contact with home.

Ms Helgeson will keep in contact with schood and information will be posted on Twitter.

Pupils will have limited access to mobile phones. They will be able to contact you in the evenings.
The pupils have been split into 4 activity groups with an equal number of boys and girls in each. This is so that we can register groups quickly and a member of staff will be responsible for each group.
Your child will need to stay in this group. I have put them with at least one friend.


We are based in 6 main dormitories during our break. Girls and boys are seperate and staff are in rooms next door to pupils.
There is another school at the centre when we are there and we expect excellent behaviour in the dormitory.
Your child nominated 3 friends that they would like to be with and all children have been roomed with others they have chosen. Dorms are for 10-11 children each.

There are 4 dormitories that pupils
will staying in. These sleep up to 14 pupils each.
There is a member of staff by each dormitory.
Dormitories are strictly boys or girls.
Pupils should take with them roughly
between £50- £80 in Euros.
This should be changed before we depart. (4 euros charge for cinema on Friday needs to be handed in separately).

Pupils will be responsible for their own money, so it would be preferable for them to know their daily limit, so they don't spend it all on the ferry!
WARNING Pupils! Once its gone, its gone!
Medical Form and Pupil Declaration
These should have been returned on or before this evening. Let me know if you need duplicate forms.
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