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AU Club Captain's Induction

No description

Peter Burgon

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of AU Club Captain's Induction

Today's session
AU Exec Interview Panel
Introduction to Saints Sport
General Expectations
Specific Tasks
Dates for the diary
Transport budget; fixtures and competitions
CMP and Transport logs
Financial Agreement
Accounts spreadsheet
Specific Tasks/Deadlines
Admin paperwork
Trip registration; Foreign/Domestic
Bank details changeover
Kit orders
All outstanding claims
Saints Sport Introduction
Unit Plan/Purpose
Athletic Union (role within Saints Sport)
Participation Expectations
Sports fayre/Give it a Go
Team Entries
Player Pathway
Rec. sessions
Saints Leagues
Hall Sport
Casual bookings
AU Exec Interview Panel
All Club Captains/Presidents are eligible
Endorse yourself (60 seconds!)
Voting (2 candidates required)
AU Club Captains' Induction
Performance Expectations
Fixtures and Tournaments (BUCS/SSS/Other)
Publicity & Communication
Pre-Season 2015
Outreach Expectations
Volunteering, locally and internationally
(Community) Engagement
Alumni relations
Sustainability expectations
Club Excellence/Club Development
Admin deadlines

Dates for the diary
Hall of Fame evening, 30th April
BUCS Team Entries, 30th April
Re-affiliation Day, 8th May
Sports Ball, 21st May
Pre-Season, Sunday 30th August
Club Excellence Programme, w/b 7th Sept
Give it a Go, 9th September
Sports Fayre, 12th September
Good luck with exams, deadlines, dissertations, etc...

Stay in touch

We look forward to seeing you in September
2013: 6th Annual event, 22 sports, 500+ athletes
2014: 31st August – 5th September, 35 sports, 750 athletes
Main Contact: Debby Sargent, dls4
Clubs with DoS/Head Coaches should consult with these people in the first instance.
Programme content and organisation:
- Facilities (what, when, how long), budgets (predominantly to support coaching, facilities and transport may be considered), driving tests, team building/meetings, strength & conditioning, fitness testing, sport specific training, friendlies, refereeing and umpiring qualifications, outreach, trips………….
General fitness timetable
Coaches lunches provided
Fresher involvement

Make it Happen
Provisional squad register, plus list of requested support and facilities to dls4, by Friday 8th May @ 5.00pm.
Registration and booking form to be sent out with Thursday Bulletin on 16th April 2015.
Final confirmation of squad numbers by 31st July 2015
Some flexibility for Freshers allowed.
Make it Happen
General Fitness Timetable and sport specific bookings to be sent out to Clubs in June (general Club email, plus nominated sport pre-season contact).
Confirmation of funding support sent out to Clubs at the start of the financial year – from 1st August.
Clubs responsible for co-ordinating their own timetables and disseminating information to all Club attendees.

Timelines and Actions
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