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The Human Voice


Bea Tanco

on 17 July 2011

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Transcript of The Human Voice

Who do you listen to? Who are your favorite singers? (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr THE HUMAN VOICE How we sing begins in our lungs. We push air out and it travels through a special tube in our necks called the larynx. You can see where the larynx is on some men because it shows up as the Adam’s apple.

Our vocal chords are flaps of tissue that are connected to the larynx, and by using different muscles, we can vibrate them. Vibrating the vocal chords causes the air passing through them to vibrate. This makes noise when we talk and when we sing. If we make the vocal chords vibrate really fast, we get a high pitch, and if we vibrate them more slowly, we get a lower pitch. By combining different pitches, we can sing songs! 1 Soprano: Female High-pitched
Alto: Female Low-pitched
Mezzo-soprano: Female soprano-alto combination
Tenor: Male High-pitched
Bass: Male Low-pitched
Baritone: Male tenor-bass combination Coloratura soprano:possesses a light, sparkling tone & a capacity to precisely render florid passages in the highest range
Lyric soprano:warm, darker tone than coloratura, effective in singing expressibe melody
Dramatic soprano:makes an impact by the force with which the voice is projected & by the majesty of tone
Lyric tenor:male equivalent to lyric soprano
Dramatic tenor/tenore robusto:male equivalent to dramatic soprano
Heroic tenor:characterized by robust brilliance & fit for the taxing Wagnerian roles
Basso profundo:heaviest and deepest of the singing voices
Basso buffo:bass of a less deep, round quality and greater clarity, suited for performance of comic parts HUMAN VOICE IS UNIQUE speech... ...music
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