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Marketing Plan | PS4

No description

Maggie Sigler

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Marketing Plan | PS4

Marketing Plan | PS4
The playstation
About sony
- Incorporated in 1946
- Tokyo, Japan
- Develops, designs, manufactures, and sells electronics, games & software
- Worldwide
- Games, network services, home entertainment, music & financial services
- US headquarters | New York
Mission Statement
“Our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can. Creating unique new cultures and experiences. Everything we do, is to move you emotionally.”
Sony's Objectives
Swot analysis
PlayStation 2
- Released in 2000
- Sold 155 million units
- $299
- Best selling video game console in history
- 2014 was the last year a game was released for this version
- Had Netflix
- In 2002 a man changed
his name to PS2

PlayStation 3
- Released in 2006
- Sold 80 million units
- $499
- Where PlayStation Network was implemented
- Can plug in keyboard & mouse to use as a computer
- Supports many media file types
- Consumer could buy a $20 product that would make the PS3 stand vertically
PlayStation 4
- Backing of Sony
- Advanced graphics
- Outsells competition 4:1
- Exclusive video game releases
- Promotion

- Call of Duty is the #1 Video game | competition had exclusive rights
- Competition offers bundles with console purchase
- Server issues
- Cost
Television Advertising
Internet Video Advertising
Earned Media
Social Media
Exclusive Video Game
Strategic Information Release

- Competition based strategy
- Consumer based strategy
- Eventually, a skimming strategy

Entertainment Product in Entertainment Stores
Wal-Mart | Best Buy | GameStop | Sony Brand Stores

Retailer Distribution | most well-known retailers | every community has at least 2 of these stores

Conveinence of online purchasing | Amazon

Launch Parties | New York & San Francisco
All of the GameStop’s across the country having similar local launch parties.

Midnight Releases
Sony chose a few retailers from the list above (Wal-Mart, GameStop & Best Buy) to participate in a midnight release.

1. Sony must overcome increasingly intense competition, especially in it's electronic business.

2. Sony must successfully manage frequent introductions, and transitions of new products, components, and services.

3. Sony must efficiently manage its parts and components, the inventory.

4. Sony must recruit and retain skilled technical employees and management professionals.
- Released in 1994
- 102 million units sold | first console over 100 (more than Xbox, GameCube & N64 combined)
- $299
- First console to offer memory cards
- Over 2,000 games were released
- Released a version that allowed users to create video games
- Worked better upside

- Released in 2013
- 55 million units sold
- $399
- Has a share feature
- Friends who do not have the game can play if invited
- Energy efficient
- Face & Voice Recognition
- Can play while downloading or updating
- DualShock Controller
- Still no backward capability

- Price improvement
- Bundling options
- Female demographic
- TV servies & Virtual reality
- Online hacking
- Computer gaming
- Xbox One
- Nintendo
- Moble phone gaming

Less expensive than
leading competitor
Made sure Sony was making money as well
Kept within their Target Market's affordable price range
Sony's implementation goal: expand installed base of the PS4 & PlayStation Network user number.
1. Successfully created & launched ad campaign
2. Assigned authority roles | who does what?
3. Determined a budget & financial goals
4. Time table of when each goal should be accomplished
5. Embrace market changes & gain acceptance
2016 Update:
Sony Computer Entertainment merged with Sony Network Entertainment to become Sony Interactive Entertainment.
PS4 | 53 Territories
Xbox One | 13 Territories
"The Greatness awaits"
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