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GEORGIA - Caucasus

Do you want to serch information about our amazing country? let me introduce ourself...

Lela Nikoladze

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of GEORGIA - Caucasus

2013/04 Caucasus & neighborhood Strength in unity & EMBLEM Flag Population:


Money: 4.7 million GEORGIANS 83.8 % ARMENIANS 5.7 % AZERBAIJANIANS 6.6% Others 2.4 %


& also national minorities use their own languages as well (have Armenian, Azerbaijanian, Russian schools) GEORGIAN alphabet was created in early ages, as it's shown by reserchers it was made by king FARNAVAZI in BC. Sec. IV-III Georgian alphabet had three development stages L A R I & TETRI People & TRADITIONS Enormous tradition of songs and Dances wich is divided according to regions, 14 regions & 14 dıfferent character Let's see how we dance
"ERISIONI" Folk songs diversity National instruments are very popular among youth Georgian folk music is predominantly vocal and is widely known for its rich traditions of vocal polyphony. It is widely accepted in contemporary musicology that polyphony in Georgian music predates the introduction of Christianity in Georgia (beginning of the 4th century AD). All regional styles of Georgian music have traditions of vocal a cappella polyphony, although in the most southern regions (Meskheti and Lazeti) only historical sources provide the information about the presence of vocal polyphony before the 20th century GEORGIAN INSTRUMENTS Chuniri Fanduri Chuniri Salamuri Doli Daira let's talk about Georgian CUSINE

we have variety of meals

main and differential is... Khinkali Khachapuri Acharuli Khachapuri Eggplant with nut Time to see what can you expect in Georgia And we have also national sweets as a CHURCHKELA do you want to see something more?
ask me any time :) Thank you for your attention!
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