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Group Invite idea

site improvement ideas for Polyvore.com

Diandra Harten

on 30 August 2010

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Transcript of Group Invite idea

A new idea for Polyvore.... Everyone on polyvore is always trying to get their group noticed, and to accumulate more members. ... One common way of recruiting members is to send out a group invitation to other users via Private Messaging. Here are some messages like this that i've recieved recently...
(I've removed the usernames and group names) Personally I don't mind them that much, but many Polyvore users are very annoyed by them. Many users state that they do not want to recieve group requests in their profile description, but this doesn't always prevent the messages. So I thought.... Maybe, instead of sending group invites via PM's, we could send them seperately! When you go to your group's home page, there could be a button that says, "Invite" where members can invite their friends to join the group. It could take you to a page where you pick which contacts you want to send your invite to, and insert a message with the invitation. here's my idea of how it might work... Write your invite message here Invite users to group "Everyone on Polyvore" The list of users your invite will be sent to Here, you can select who you want to send the invite to; you can either search for members, or look at your contacts list. Click the box next to the user's name to add them to the invite list Here it could clarify what group you are inviting people to My idea for what the page could look like... this is what it could look like when you click the contacts tab You could click here to see the group invites you have recieved, just like PM's In the "Edit my account" page, there could be an option to not recieve group invites because many users do not like them. If a user has chosen to block group invites, when other users try to send them an invite, they will recieve a message telling them that "so-and-so has chosen not to recieve group invites; your invitation has not been sent to them" or something to that effect. That's my idea, hope you guys like it :)
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