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Charles Dickens - 'A Christmas Carol'

No description

Claire Howarth

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Charles Dickens - 'A Christmas Carol'

Charles Dickens - 'A Christmas Carol'
An Introduction

The Life of Charles Dickens
Born in 1812 in Portsmouth, but moved to Kent at the age of five. Dickens goes to school in 1821 at the age of nine but follows his family to London were they had re-located.

By the age of ten Dickens was working in a factory and his father struggling with debts got sent to prison (Marshalsea) for 3 months.

Goes back to school in 1825 but after his family are evicted from their home a few years later gets a job as a solicitors clerk and learns shorthand. - Dickens helps his father out of his debts.

Lived through the time of 'Great Change' - Industrial Revolution and this eventually influences his written works of which many deal with Urban Porverty .

Charles Dickens became the most influential writer of the 19th century, a philantropist and a great historical and literary figure.

Historical Background to consider...
The Poor Law.
Born: 7th February 1812
Published his first book '1833 'A Dinner at Poplar Walk'
'Oliver Twist' - 1837
'A Christmas Carol' - 19th December 1843
'A Tale of Two Cities' - 1959 - Best Selling English Book OF ALL TIME - Sold over 2million copies
'Great Expectations' - 1961
Charles Dickens was the Best Selling Author of the 19th Century.
Who on earth was Charles Dickens?
'A Christmas Carol' - 1843
The year the first ever
christmas card
was sent....
A Christmas Carol was the first of five Chrismas novellas.
It has been said that Charles Dickens has shaped the ideal of Father Christmas through his depiction of 'Ghost of Christmas Past' and influenced the idea of 'Goodwill to all'.
Numerous film and tv adaptations have been made, and has even been made into a play. The story continues to be popular today.
in 1853 Charles Dickens did his first public reading of 'A Christmas Carol'.
Responsibility - social responsibility and 'christian morality'
Personal redemption
The 'true' meaning of Christmas
The 'commercial' christmas
Born again experiences
The hard face of capitalism.
Character Tree
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