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Mary H

on 7 June 2013

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the poor decision is : Walt Disney he had lung cancer when he was age 65 the mickey mouse and the rest of the cartoons Stoped doing movies till one of his brothers or someone drew for Walt Disney after the park was made Disney World from Walt Disney's life at the studio and Walt Disney death. by: Micheal D. Cole he had a sister and two brothers
he had big hit on drawing of mickey
mouse and snow white and all kinds of problems Mary Hanafin
Block: D Walt Disney important fact dec.5th 1908 in chicago walt disney was born his known for is : he like to make people happy with there family so he made a park and that is Disney world Walt Disney growing up he did drawing for all his life and when he got older he went to a famous studio then he drew Alice in Cartoonland Walt Disney drew and Drew more Cartoons and then he became famous when Walt Disney became famous he made movies and more movies of the Cartoon. good decision is: Walt Disney wanted to make cartoons for his whole life for people and make a park for people to spend with there family important life lesson to is : be kind to others and make people happy Walt Disney did making cartoon and movies and make park like Disney world and help others my life lesson that im going to do is that try to make people happy all the time and to be nice to one another
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