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Unit 2- BIOL 1082 LAB

No description

Kye Markgraf

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Unit 2- BIOL 1082 LAB

Who is the killer? Based on the evidence and circumstances so far, it looks like suspect 3, Sarah Jessica Parker, committed the murder
Why? Because-
- White substance tested positive for cocaine
- Blood near Nicki's arm seems to match hers
- Her pen clearly matched the ink on the letter
- Suspected her husband of cheating with Nicki
- Custodian he let a woman in the lab that night
-What Happened? So far our theory is that SJP tried to blackmail Nicki about the cheating
SJP confronted the victim that night and ended up attacking her. Second Set of Evidence Kye Markgraf, Marissa McCaskill, & Brooke Marquis Unit 2 First Set of Evidence
-White Powder on both suspects #2 & #3 (Uncle Jesse and S.J.P)
-Blood on floor near victim
-Letter to Nicki torn up and water damaged
-Single Strand of hair on victims sleeve VICTIM: Dr. Minaj SUSPECTS:
1.The Janitor
2. Dr.Uncle Jesse
3. Sarah Jessica Parker
4. Beans Introduction Powder A white powder was found on suspects 2 and 3 Result: Suspect 3, SJP, tested positive for cocaine Blood Small amount found on floor near victims arm Cause of Death: Cerebral Infraction due to blunt force trauma Crime Scene, SJP, and NICKI all alike Ink Chromotography Each suspect's pen was compared to the ink of the torn up letter Clearly matches SJP Hair Sample -Single Strand found
-Not the best clue
-Similar, but a little different Real-life Case: 16 year old Leanna Tiernan;
Abducted while walking home

Police Used-
-Pink carpet fiber on her jumpsuit;
matched it to John Taylor's
-Blood Stains under carpet
-DNA inside hairshaft Source: http://www.exploreforensics.co.uk/forensic-cases-murder-leanne-tiernan.html Fingerprints DNA #4 #4 -Both sets of evidence point at Suspect 4, Beans, the graduate student Summary -Second set of evidence technically exonerates SJP, but she is still quite suspicious
- We first thought that suspect 4, bean's, DNA and fingerprints were there already from work.
-Key evidence against SJP is the ink from the pen matching the ink in the letter to the victim.
However, DNA reins over circumstantial evidence and things are not always what they seem, so it is very possible that Beans is indeed the murderer - A thorough knowledge of genetics will help a forensic expert to find matches in DNA easier, and prevent them from making mistakes in crime cases. Questions: -Crime shows are not accurate because they often get a lot more evidence than in real life
The science may be correct, but it takes much longer to get results than they portray Conclusion "Innocent until proven guilty" -In 1980, Cornelius Dupree was sentenced to 75 years for aggravated robbery. The crime included abduction and rape. Dupree was released last July on parole after 30 years behind bars. One week later, DNA test results proved his innocence. -Since 2001, Texas has freed 41 wrongly convicted inmates INFO:
Sarah suspects her husband of cheating with Dr. Minaj
The custodian let a woman into the lab after he fixed something
Beans says it's obvious that Jesse and Nicki had something going on
Jesse is funded by his father in law, Sarah's dad
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