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Future Technology. By Emily Edwards.

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Future Technology. By Emily Edwards.

Future Technology
Underwater Living Room.
Underwater Bedroom.
Hot Tub Exercise Bike.
Clear I Phone
Future X-Ray machine.
Automatic Flushing Toilets.
This will be much easier to use.
It also looks very cool.
Built in I Phone.
This is a pair of glasses, but with one clear lense in which you can control your I Phone with. It IS voice activated.
This automatic flushing is easier to use. When you have finished, the sensors on the toilet automatically flush the toilet.
This is the future living room. It looks very cool and is also relaxing to be in. It is under the sea/water.
This future under water bedroom not only looks cool but its surroundings are amazing. It is under the sea so you can see all sea life and creatures.
This hot tub bike is the future of exercising. You can not only exercise in it but you also stay relaxed and refreshed.
This future X-Ray machine will help Doctors much more than the current one. It is much easier to use and can diagnose a lot quicker.
The worlds smallest computer mouse.
familiar to many, and is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable controllers. However , this device has disadvantages, for example, the need to work on a flat surface. In laptops its may replace the touchpad, trackpoint, but there are many other options. One of most compact can be called a device ThumbTrack, formed in the shape of a ring for a finger. This new product is positioned as the smallest computer mouse in the world and weighs only 14 grams, and its term continuous operation up to 15 hours
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