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Brittney Ranea Paxton Resume

"I have an irrepressible desire to live till I can be assured that the world is a little better for my having lived in it."

Brittney Paxton

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Brittney Ranea Paxton Resume

Brittney Ranea Paxton
Bachelor of Arts
Public Relations
Minor- Marketing Applications
Paxton, B. & Duncan, C.
“Cause Baby, You Were Born This Way”
Diversity & Social Justice
National Association Campus Activities (NACA)
South, Regional Conference- October 2011
Cell: 850.982.6218
Mail: BrittneyRanea@gmail.com
The University of West Florida
Master of Education
College Student Personnel Administration
One Student provides students and their allies
with programs, resources and opportunities
to address sexual violence
The University of Georgia
Center for Leadership & Service
National Orientation Directors Association Intern for UGA DAWG CAMP
Learn More: http://dawgcamp.uga.edu
See My UGA Dawg Camp Internship:
Portfolio: http://students.uwf.edu/brl3
The University of West Florida
Advising Center
Academic Foundations Seminar Course
Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to
find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.
In Camp Fire, it begins now.Light the fire within
Campaign Assistant, United Way of Escambia County
Directed the School District Campaign trough establishing contacts, relaying campaign information, and conducting trainings with School District Campaign Coordinators
Managed the United Way of Escambia County Campaign programs through Rainbow Donor Database Software
Generated fundraising ideas for each Campaign Coordinator and compiled fundraising data for individual school donations tostrengthen the impact of the over-all campaign
The University of West Florida
Campus Activity Board & Homecoming Program Advisor
Learn More: http://uwf.edu/cab
Ensured a balance within Campus Activity Board programs by encouraging interdepartmental collaboration (i.e. Alumni Affairs, Student Organizations, Student Transitions, and Student Government Association) and by providing timely feedback and suggesting appropriate alternatives to CAB Committees
Directed broad and strategic planning for Campus Activity Board and Homecoming, while promoting innovations by encouraging committee members to seek out and evaluate new programming possibilities, including the promotion of increasing engagement between UWF students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members
Executed event pre-planning and set-up, fundraising initiatives, large scale concert development, late-night programming, creative marketing strategies, and effective training workshops
Advised CAB Executive & Committee members in areas of personal development: time management, stress management, and career goal setting. Instruct students on the basics of group dynamics, business, member motivation, team building, and implementation of effective meetings
Serve as member that actively engages UWF students in creating positive change and celebrating diversity.
Planned NACA South as Fundraising Foundation Chair collectively with a committee of 30 individuals comprised of various universities located in the NACA South Region. Created innovative fundraising activities that exceeded the 2011 NACA South fundraising goals.
National Association for Campus Activities
Regional Conference Planning Committee
Plan innovative workshops and activities for Student Affairs Professionals in Northwest Florida and Regionally.
Student Affairs Symposium Planning Committee Member
Engage Student Affairs professionals with rising trends in Multicultural affairs while emphasizing the importance of providing students with inclusive learning environments.
UWF Student Affairs
Multicultural Competency Committee
Common Ground Member
Multicultural Programming Initiatives and Training
Paxton, B. & Duncan, C.
“Cause Baby, You Were Born This Way”
Diversity & Social Justice
National Association Campus Activities (NACA)
National Conference- February 2012
Co- Facilitated AFS Course which assists first-time in college students with the transition to university life, emphasizing critical thinking, integrity, and project management skills
UWF Academic Foundations Seminar (AFS) Course Intern
Paxton, B. & Duncan, C.
“Diversity Games”
(Based on The Hunger Games)
Diversity & Social Justice
The University of West Florida
Student Affairs Symposium
Regional Conference- February 2012
Paxton, B. “Exploring the Struggles of Muggles”
Diversity & Social Justice Themes
(Based on The Harry Potter Series)
The University of West Florida
Harry Potter, Muggle Outreach Convention
Regional Conference- March 2012
Paxton, B. Kinder, C. & Hamilton, J.
“Effective Advising”
6 Steps to Effective Student Advising
The University of West Florida
Student Affairs Symposium
Regional Conference-April 2011
College Leadership Florida Graduate
Class XII
The University of West Florida
Outstanding Graduate Assistant Finalist
The University of West Florida
Outstanding Student Leader Award 2009
Ms. University of West Florida 2008
Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute
(UIFI) Graduate
American Legion Auxiliary’s Florida Girl State Adviser
Florida State University
College Leadership Florida
Cabinet Member
What is One Student?
The Video We Created &
Memories Made At Camp Fire USA:
Phheww! You Made It!
Thank You For Viewing My Resume!
Please Contact Me With Questions You May Have!
I Would Love To Tell You More!
Adobe Suite- Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Lightroom
Public Speaking
Volunteer Coordination
Event Planning
Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
Windows Movie Maker
University of West Florida
John Pace Jr. Scholar
See My AFS Internship:
Alternative Spring Break
UWF Internship 2012
See My ASB Internship:
Alternative Spring Break
UWF Co-Facilitator 2013
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