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Elevator to the top prezi template 37183

An elevated Prezi to tell your story. Step in the company and work your way up. A photo realistic presentation with plenty of elements to set up a mind blowing story. Available at prezzip.com

Your Prezis

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Elevator to the top prezi template 37183

Enter your

An elevated prezi template to tell your story.
Step in the company and work your way up.
A photo realistic presentation with plenty of
elements to set up a mind blowing story.


Lehigh Valley Health Network

Independent Physicians
David Rodriguez
Subrina Pyle
American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM) Board Member
Management Team
This prezi and many more available at:
Juliet Mercado

Seeking Investors
working on expanding

creating jobs

providing reliable occupational health

confronting the vaccination issue
Every Conversation
you have is an
opportunity to succeed!
1. Learn how to walk into a room and to sell yourself
your speech to your situation
Our Vision
Our Mission

The Competition
Strengths of Patient First


Need more locations

Place Strategy
- Attract consumers we want
- Clean, safe, populated areas
- Provide our vaccine station at CVS

Promotion Strategy
- Stress the importance of healthcare
- Explain the convenience
- Advertise (billboards, commercials,
websites, brochures, direct mail)

Marketing Plan
3. You all affect the customers
ability to say yes
Patient First
Director and CEO of the Patient First Corporation
Meet the needs of employees, investors, patients, and the law

Gather employee's information

Make decisions
AAUCM monitors physicians

Reports physician feedback to David Rodriguez

Make sure physicians are qualified
Financial Manager
Creates budgets

Purchases supplies

Manages money

Advises David Rodriguez
Key Advisiors
Management Team

Members of the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA)

Members of the American Medical Foundation Patient Safety Organization
Urgent, primary care service

Convenient, cost effective occupational health

Provide insurance through Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Current Situation
For-profit organization
Revenue streams from patients, insurance


Create jobs

Provide dependable occupational healthcare

Promote success to captivate investors

Communicate with key advisers and management team

Continue to improve existing developments

No appointment necessary

Immediate care

Convenient locations

Effective staff
For the first year...

Patient First Medical Centers
Physician Assistants

Growth Plan
$ 3,120
For the fifth year...
$ 22,167

Increase awareness in CVS to get more consumers to Patient First Medical Centers
Later providing additional care at CVS
For the first year...
$ 121,600
For the fifth year...
$ 178,035
Organizational Plan

Risks of Collaborating with CVS

- Not making profits first 3-4 years
- Negative Consumer Usage
- Not reaching our Goal

Exit Venture

Accomplish goals by end of 5th year
- Selling stocks
- 49% to Merck & Co
- Keep 51%
Partnering with CVS
Positive Reviews
To attract more consumers
Increase vaccinations
Help with expansion

CVS will promote Patient First
CVS will sell our vaccines
CVS Vaccination Stations
We will create sub-stations inside of CVS
They will also administer vaccines at these sub-stations
Strengths of CVS Stations
Easier to get vaccinated
Increases consumer awareness of Patient First

Why Invest in Patient First

- Safety of future generations
- Convenient care
- 57 Patient First centers in Mid-Atlantic region
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