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Quicklist #2 and Kernel Essays--Edmodo

No description

Kayla and Stephen Briseño

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Quicklist #2 and Kernel Essays--Edmodo

Statements about life that are true for everyone, they show something true about the world and how it works.
There are many ways to show someone you love them.
Write a truism for this photo.
Sometimes you have to do difficult things all by yourself.
You have to take risks in order
to go places.
When you're with someone you care about, you forget about your fears.
A good song can move people.
Some people have it worse than me.
Some people sacrifice a lot for others.
Some things are worth fighting for.
Create a Truism

1.Draw a picture that can represent one of the truisms.
2.Write the truism somewhere on the picture.
3. Write a 3-4 sentence memory that can fit with the truism and the picture.
Write three truisms for this photo.
Look at this sentence.
Everyone feels lonely at times.
Do you think it's true?
Everyone feels lonely at times.
How does this picture
make this statement
What do you see going on in this photo?
What is one true thing about the world that this photo shows?
Life isn't easy for everyone.
Be thankful for what you have.

find a book from yesterday that you liked and begin reading.
On your post-it:

Write the heading at the top

write the title of the book you picked and the page number you stopped at.

Then draw one of these faces:
I liked the book.
I did not like the book.
The book was ok.
Complete this sentence:

My favorite book was ________ because...
Write a truism for each picture
It’s not how good you are. It’s how good you want to be.
family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
It's easy to look like everyone else.
When everyone looks the same, it can be easy to stand out.
When you write truisms,
ask yourself these three questions:
Is it true for almost everyone?
Is it a life lesson/can we learn from it?
Does it fit the picture?
other important questions:
Am I just describing what's happening in the picture?
Am I telling people what to do?
People are swimming.
Don't swim with sharks.
Kernel #3
Choose your last memory
from your quicklist.
Frustrating School moment
Being mean
No regrets
A Memory
1. Where were you?
2. What happened first?
3. What happened next?
4. What happened last?
5. What did you learn? MAKE THIS
People are swimming.
Don't swim with sharks.
2nd step
Last step
Epic FAIL!
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Write about a time when
you learned something new.
Write about a time when you
failed at something.
Write about a time when you
succeeded at something.
1. What I used to think...
2. Why I thought this...
3. Then this happened...
4. Because this happened, I thought...
5. So now I know... (truism)
Story of My Thinking
1. What I used to think...
2. Why I thought this...
3. Then this happened...
4. Because this happened, I thought...
5. So now I know...(truism)
a way to build, put together, or organize
like a building
science lab
to show how two or more things
are the same or similar
Open your
writer's notebook to
Write a truism
for each picture.
Choose either your success or failure memory
Tell your story using BOTH the Memory and Story of My Thinking structures. Same story--a different way of telling it!
Kernel Essay #5
Kernel Evaluation
Share your kernels
essay with your Steve Jobs partner.
Evaluate your
partner's essays.
Determine if it
meets our criteria.
to show how 2 or more things
Story of My Thinking
1. I was sitting in the Sear's Driving
Center getting ready to take my driver's test.
2. I had been studying for weeks and was waiting was waiting for my driving instructor.
3. I drove around the neighborhood, following my instructions, when we came to a light quickly from yellow to red.
4. I didn't know what to do and was so nervous
I ran the red light--and I failed my test!
5. I learned that even though you study, you can still fail.
1. I used to think that studying for a test meant passing that test.
2. I studied hard for driver's test and was getting ready for my final exam with my driving instructor.
3. During my test, I got nervous, ran a red light, and failed my test.
4. I thought, "Why did I do that?!? I'm so dumb! I'm never going to drive!"
5. So now I know that even though you prepare, you can still fail.
Amazing Grace
Oliver Button is
a Sissy
Evaluation Procedures
1. Be focused--your job is to read
and grade your partner's kernel essays. You're not talking
or discussing with other groups.
2. Be helpful--write real comments
on how they can make it better.
NONE of these are perfect. Don't be afraid to
give feedback.
Comparing and Contrasting
Using a Venn diagram, as a group find ways that
the story Oliver Button is a Sissy and
Amazing Grace are the same and different.

Sometimes people might feel lonely
because they are different.--Jojo
Being unique makes people special.
Every group has a leader.
The higher you are the more you see.
Sometimes it's better to be special.
If you think you can do it, you will be better than others.
Sometimes people think they are alone but there are many people around them
Sometimes you need a friend.
Sometimes small things can do big things.
You're size doesn't define who you are.
Sometimes size doesn't mean everything.
If you are small, it doesn't mean you can't think big.
Sometimes things look impossible,
but they are not.
Nothing is impossible.
Sometimes you must believe
in yourself.
Strength is something you can
Ants need to exercise too.
If you have confidence in yourself, you might never give up.
Sometimes it's best to never give up.
--Owen and Jojo
Sometimes you can communicate with your eyes.
Sometimes little kids can imagine alot of things
that grown ups can't.
Sometimes things may seem way bigger than they actually are.
Your eyes are the only things you can see with.
Children can be full of imagination. They see a different world than us.
Sometimes imagination can make your life not so boring.
Sometimes glass can protect you.
Sometimes things are separate, but they know each other.
Being small can have some weakness to others.
Everybody deserves to be.
--Marcos and Ally
Sometimes imagination
can create a lot of fun.
Having confidence is not hard if you really try it.
Sometimes you try to win against a person who is strong than you.
--Jae Yoon
Just because you're short
doesn't mean you can't play.
Sometimes courage helps you
to do things you can't.
Sometimes you have to prove yourself.
Confidence sometimes makes you small, but not weak.
Sometimes size doesn't really
matter if you have confidence.
Sometimes bravery can make you
have confidence to win.
Sometimes confidence can win the battle.
Sometimes small gains speed and big gains weight.
Sometimes it's better to be small.
Sometimes being small doesn't make you weak.
--Vivian and Mr. B.
Sometimes it's better to give up.
Sometimes we are so special, we can be alone.
to think about something;
to make a judgment;
to look for the value of something

Write a truism for each photo.
Journal Writing
Today's Suggestion
Write a journal that
starts with:
"I love it when..."
It can be a story, a thought,
a poem.

Write about whatever
is on your mind.
Our journal requirements:

Write the whole time.
Write 35 words or more.
Be creative.
It's ok to mess up.
Just write!
Write using black or blue ink--NO PENCIL!
Today's Essential Question
How do I make my experiences more interesting to read?
Kernel Essay #3
"Memory" Structure
1. Where were you?
2. What happened first?
3. What happened next?
4. What happened last?
5. What did you learn or realize?
Story of My Thinking Structure
1. I used to think...
2. But...
3. What happened first...
4. In the end...
5. So now I know

Today's Warm-Up:
"Little things can accomplish big feats."

"Life can pull you down, but you can always
pick yourself back up." Gerson/Chris

"The most unassuming people can carry
the most burden." Ariel

"Sometimes the smallest things can
have the biggest effects." Ethan

"Sometimes you have to hold on
to what you believe is right." Nicholas
"Standing out doesn't always mean you're weaker." Nicole
"Different things stand out." Ahmad
"Standing out can happen anywhere." Adrian
"We don't need to be the same--we can stand out if we want to." Natalia
"Normalcy is always overshadowed by greatness." Ariel
"If you stand tall you will eventually see the light in your life." Ethan
"Everyone is different in their own way. Big or small. Oooh baby." Nicholas

"Everyone works hard for something." Mara
"Sometimes the smallest are the strongest." Myles
"It's not easy to get what you want. "Kinza
"Life is difficult." Shawn
"Sometimes hanging on is all you can do." Destiny
"You are stronger than you may think." Dua
"The hardest achievement is possible." Victor
"You can do anything you put your mind to." James
"There is always someone that stands out." Mara
"Sometimes difference is an advantage." Myles
"Effort pays off." Sophia
"Standing out can be a beautiful thing." Pilar
"Life: there is no limit." Shawn
"Different is unique." Joanne
"Standing tall can let you succeed." Dua
Today's Warm-Up
Read your book.
6. A time when you or someone else did something that you didn’t expect
Quicklist #2
1. A time when you failed at something:
2. A time when you succeeded at something:
5. A time when you did something pretty embarrassing.
3. A time when you did something sneaky...
4. A time when you questioned
another person's intelligence or
common sense.
Y u no write good essays!
Mike Birbiglia
"The Make-Out Club"
Today's Goals
1. Analyze and discuss an exemplar narrative essay.

2. Brainstorm a list of memories that fit our narrative goals and levels of experience.

3. Compose kernel essays
to see if our stories are worth telling.
Memory Structure
1. Where were you and what were you doing?
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
1. Describe an important person in your story.
5. "I learned that..."
4. "But this actually happened..."
3. "I thought this..."
2. "Three things you should know..."
Is it a level two or three?
Does it have the potential to
make an emotional impact?
Could it have all 7 narrative elements?

1. Describe the situation.
2. Describe the problem.
3. What is your plan to solve the problem?
4. How did you put your plan into action?
5. What are the effects fo your plan?
6. What did you learn from the experience?

1. "I remember...because..."
2. "But then I realized..."
3. "I felt that I should..."
4. "So then I..."
5. "I'm thinking..."
6. "Sometimes...(truism"
3rd Period Structure
by Ariel & Meena
Story Structure
by Destiny, Mara, Dua, and Andrea
Happy Tuesday, y'all!
You need your journal.
Set-up today's journal page.

Journal 3.2 11.8.16
Our Goals for today are:
1. Successfully express our
thinking in journal form and in
a quiet environment.

2. Generate ideas for our next writing piece.
1. Write the whole time.
2. Do not distract those around you.
3. Write about whatever you want.
5. What did you learn or realize?
4. What happened last?
3. What happened next?
2. What happened first?
I heard this:
1. ______
2. ______
3. ______
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