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Copy of Food and Beverage

Room Service

Jessa Marie Abuyan

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Food and Beverage

What is a room service?
implies serving of food and beverage in guest rooms of hotels.
Two types of Room Service
A. Centralized
B. Decentralized
Centralized - food orders are processed from the main kitchen and sent to the rooms by a common team of waiters
Decentralized - each floor or a set of floor may have separate pantries to serve them. Orders are taken at a central point by the order takers who in turn convey the order to the respective pantry. **For big hotels.
What Does a Room Service Server Do?
A room service server may have many different responsibilities. The servers usually report to a room service manager while working. They are expected to restock items, take orders, and deliver those orders to each room at a hotel or lodge. The room service server may also have to help with other areas of the hotel when room service orders are slow.
When the room service servers begins their shifts, they will most likely have to check in with the manager and then start preparing for the day. Preparation could include restocking the kitchen with food items, condiments, and eating utensils. Most hotel servers have a cart to run the food from room to room, which may need to be restocked as well.
The hotel guests will call the room service server to place an order. The server will take the food order and hand it off to the kitchen. After the kitchen staff prepares the food, the server will then place it on the cart and deliver the order to the correct room.
Once the order is delivered to the room, The room service server will go over the order with the hotel guest to be sure it is correct. The server will also take items off the cart and place them neatly on the room table. He is usually expected to be polite and build a good rapport with hotel guests. When guests are done with their food trays, the server is responsible for picking up the dirty dishes and bringing them back to the kitchen.
Room service employees are also expected to keep the hotel minibars and snack items stocked in each room. If a guest has a special request, the server may also have to fulfill those demands as well. The room service server can also help serve food in the hotel, restaurant or bar when it is especially busy.
Room service employees are often paid an hourly wage or yearly salary and receive tips from the hotel guests. A full-time server may be eligible for medical and other benefits offered by the employer. Servers can typically make a good living if they work hard and please their guests.
Example of Hotel Room Service
Hospital Room Service
Japanese Style Room Service
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