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Facebook, A Utopia or Dystopia

A presentation to make you think about the effects social networking has on our society

Tylah Ingram

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Facebook, A Utopia or Dystopia

Whats on your mind? A society connected by technology couples in the USA met online? Utopia/Dystopia added 6 new photos to the Album Modern Day Communication 1/8 Did you know? SHOP Banking Paying Bills Every year BILLIONS of dollars are spent on online shopping! Grocery Shopping Gamble Download Music and Movies A CONNECTED SOCIETY or A COMMUNICATION BREAK DOWN Everyday there are more text messages received There are 210 MILLION This figure doubles every 6 months!! We are so socially connected with sites such as Facebook and text messages but are we actually communicating less? phone calls made each SECOND! PLAYTOS CAVE Our lives are reliant on a world full of technologies We can access an IDEAL WORLD so why would we want to change that? WARPED sense of REALITY To the men tied down facing the cave wall, the shadows are reality. When described the world outside the cave, they do not believe there could be anything more than what they see on the wall. The cave is like social networking and technology. The cave (Facebook and social networks) become such a large part of life, we cant turn away from the cave wall (the computer screen) and see what the real world has to offer! Modern technology allows us to live in a hyper reality ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK? "Facebook Addiction" is searched 350 times more then "Cigarette Addiction" A Francisco Man has hired an assistant to slap him in the face every
time he goes on
Facebook so he can be
more productive Each day 10.5 BILLION minutes are spent on the Facebook site That's about 13 minutes for every user.....
not including mobile excess Education is being effected too! STUDYING + = or in other words 20% lower grades ....Although 79% of students don't believe this Then there are people in the world! How can we change this? Or have we gone to far
past the point of no return? Facebook has become a community of over a Billion people
We all have our Facebook 'Friends' HOW CAN WE STILL FEEL SO DISCONNECTED? POSITIVE Can communicate from one side of the world To the other in seconds NEGATIVE There is a decline on face to face interaction YOUTH SUICIDE CYBER BULLYING A DARK SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY DYSTOPIA AT ITS FINEST Cyber bullying is a repeated cruel or harmful action towards someone with hurtful intent that occurs over SMS, social networking sites such as Facebook, e-mail, blogs, chat rooms, discussion boards or instant messaging.
Examples of cyber bullying are things like... Sending threatening messages Posting embarrassing or distasteful photos of someone Creating fake profiles with the intent to harm another Making fun of someone for personal gain Because bullies can now be masked by a screen abuse over the internet is very easy leaving young children especially unprotected! Internet or cyber bullying is a big issue. Bullying was once restricted to the playground but the internet gives bullies no boundaries We are part of a 'community' on Facebook but why would people in our own community want to hurt us? Is our modern technological way of life forcing us to lose morals we once as a society had? Suicide is not an easy thing to discuss
But one suicide is one too many. Our society is being struck with an epidemic Social media and networking has the power to influence behavior for better and for WORST Young people use Facebook as a way to vent and express their problems, rather then talking to the correct people There are noted cases of status updates expressing terrible thoughts moments before cases of youth suicide have occurred of students on Facebook think they are sadder then their own friends 48% with a shocking 25% of students showing serious depression in their status updates Melbourne especially is being affected by this tragic issue The ABC show 'Four Corners' did a special youth suicide episode based on Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs. Cyber bullying and technology were reoccurring themes TIL YOU DROP That new pair of shoes or that 60" plasma you have always dreamed of.... JUST ONE CLICK AWAY Our society no longer has to interact with others to purchase goods they can simply do everything from home! Are we isolating ourselves or just taking advantage of what new technologies have to offer? In the future will anyone even leave their homes on a daily basis to complete the most basic of tasks? Most of these services are very convenient for busy people but Dating University studies Retail shopping Book a holiday INTERNET DATING There are millions of people in the world so who is to say ..........Let alone the same country! the person your most compatible to is in your local area...... Services that help people and groups inside the social networking community are brought together by shared interests and values But what about FAKE PROFILES FAKE PICTURES SCAMS In 2009 Myspace had to delete 90,000 accounts due to sex offenders Males are known to lie about HEIGHT, AGE & Income Females about their AGE ,Physical build &weight he average american women drops 8 pounds $239 per year is spent by each online dating customer $1.049 BILLION MADE IN REVENUES ANNUALLY 37% of single people have tried some form of online dating Have you?? Really on the internet you can be anyone!! Gunther Grass
If work and leisure are soon to be subordinated to this one utopian principle - absolute busyness - then utopia and dystopia will come to coincide: an age without conflict will dawn, perpetually busy - and without consciousness. Are social networks becoming societies of there own? And is being so connected by sites such as Facebook making us lose our morals and own opinions? Facebook allows us to connect with the world.... So why would we spend our money to go to a certain event when we can view it from the comfort of our homes? Do you read your Facebook like its the morning paper? Believe everything you see people tweet or post as 100% fact? We are a generation that is connected constantly by technology ALWAYS CONTACTABLE If you had the choice would you take Facebook and Mobile phones into your Utopia? A utopia is a place with the perfect society and community would social networking destroy the peace or help to achieve this ideal society? Why would you need them though? How many hours do you think you spend on the phone, texting and on Facebook a week? Do you think you could cut these communication devices out of your life completely? Think about this ? Can we go back to a simpler time? Or are social networks an improvement to our lives? .
. So A Utopia can be described as an ideal society Dystopia, A dysfunctional place with social issues So where does social networks such as Facebook belong? UTOPIA DYSTOPIA The answer is hard to establish so this presentation evokes you to think about the role of social networking in our lives and if it has positive or negative impacts Personal features are often lied about on the internet
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