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What if we ran out of fresh water?

No description

bella durnell

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of What if we ran out of fresh water?

What would happen if the
world ran out of fresh water? If the world ran out of fresh water we would have to drink drinks that do not include water. Eventually after not drinking any water we would get dehydrated and would not be able to do very active things. We would not be able to make food and drinks that include water and would have to use an alternative to water. Washing ourselves and clothes would not be done as regularly as people would be trying to save rainwater for drinking, cooking and more important things. The water in swimming pools and fish tanks would not be changed as often because of people using water for more important things. We could use places like the Desalination Plant that turns seawater into fresh, drinkable water. The Desalination Plant would become more popular because we would be relying on any water source that we can find to get water. Rainwater tanks would become more popular for showers, baths, washing clothes and possibly even for drinking. Businesses that sell rainwater tanks would become rich because of so many people buying them.
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