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my two jobs are...

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s c

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of my two jobs are...

my two jobs are...


Carrer Pathways
my Career's are both health services
A Pathologist is someone who diagnoses diseases to his/her patients.
A Doctor is someone who help cure
his patients of sicknesses.
skills that are needed are...
being good with people and know what you are doing not just guessing
you can do this anytime usually indoors but if someone falls you can help
some technology that are used are computer and a stethoscope and a phone for communications
you need about 6 years of college
you have to be very social person
My career outlook's are people will always get sick and need to feel better
these jobs can be located anywhere in a hospital
my salary for a doctor is Entry Wage:80,000

Median Wage:1,000,000

Experienced Wage:5,000,000

my salary for a pathologist is Entry Wage:

Median Wage:100,000

Experienced Wage:155,216

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