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No description

Celesty Gomez

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Sochi

Russia, Sochi

Sochi is known for its sport facilities
lies along the black sea
North of Russia's border with Georgia
Has the fort of Alexandra, found in 1884
population is 343,282
winter in Sochi is up to 6 degress
summer in Sochi is up to 30 degress

Things to do in Sochi
Ski the slopes
swim in the black sea
visit the botanical garden
climb diffrent mountins
explore lots of nature
visit theatres
visit agura falls
Dancing in Russia is an art. In Sochi there are lots of museums and theatres.
lots of climate change
so lots of things to do
winter: snowboarding

So many activities

agura falls


Kaetlyn Osmond
figure skating
18 years old
born in Marystown, Newfoundland
born on 12/05/95
follwed sister into figure skating
started skating when 2
moved to Montreal to practice skating
8th place in ISA world Chapionships
" never let the fear of striking let you from playing the game"
Patrick Sharp

Ice hockey
Born in Winnipig, Manitoba
32 years old
Twice been a member of team Canada
Stanly cup champion
Universty of Vermont
Has wife Abigal
Daughter Madelyn
Patrick sharp

Patrick sharp without uniform
Patirck sharp with wife and daughter

Kaetlyn Osmond

Figure skating
debuted at the 1908 olympics game
elements must be completed
ice dancing competitons: three parts
people started to skate 400 years ago
in finland
indivisuals , pairs and groups
free skate
short program
free skate: original technique choice of music
short program: 6 elements
jumps, spins,lifts, turn, steps, cumpulsary figures
Alpin Skiing

takes place on steep hills
introduces to olympics in 1936
after world war 2, alpin skiing really took off
no american man won a medal in alpin skiing until 1984
during late 19th century skiing was more of a man sport
142 medals awarded
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