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No description

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of Regrets

Focus on Form:Proposing Alternative Outcomes
Expressing Regrets and Alternate Outcomes
Writing Task:
Lesson Objectives
Focus on Form: expressing regret/giving advice using past modals

Speaking Task 2:
Don't Regret Regret Kathryn Schulz
Using the concepts of agency and imagination, write about something you regret for ten minutes. What was it that you regret? How did it negatively affect your life? How would you change the outcome?
should have/ shouldn't have
should have bought and sold Bitcoin
Check questions:
Did I buy Bitcoin ? Was it a good idea? Do I regret it?
Sentence Formation:

Subject+ should/shouldn't have + past participle+ (rest)
Example: I should have bought a car when I lived in Dubai.
Check questions:
Did I buy a car in DXB? Do I regret it?
To comprehend and understand a Ted Talk on regrets
To write & talk about our regrets
To propose alternative life outcomes for our past regrets
To learn/review and utilize new grammar expressions for expressing/discussing regret & unreal alternatives
Third Conditional
Example: If I had bought and sold shares of Bitcoin, I would have made a lot of money. I could have retired from teaching...
Form: If+Subject+had+pp...,Subject+could/would/might+ (not)+have+pp.
Check Questions: Did I buy shares of Bitcoin? Did I make a lot of money? Was I able to retire? Am I sad?
I wouldn't have failed the exam ...
Speaking Task:

What is something that you regret since coming to New York?
Tell a partner about it using should have/shouldn't have.
Speaking Task 1
With a new partner, explain about the regret you wrote about using should have/shouldn't have and the third conditional.
Example: I shouldn't have gone to the Brooklyn flea market this past weekend. There wasn't anything interesting, and it took a long time to get there. If I hadn't gone, I could have done something more interesting like go to Coney Island.

Write a 4 paragraph essay on whether you think having regret is useful or not.
Present Unreal vs. Past Unreal
If I had been offered the job, I would have taken it.
If I were offered the job, I would take it.
Unreal b/c refers to completed events in the past.


Refers to present/ future
To write a one page essay expressing a regret and possible alternative outcomes incorporating the new grammatical forms
A feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done."

Using the same regret from the previous speaking task, imagine an alternative outcome. Tell a partner about both using both grammar points.
Imagines an alternate outcome
Not true but is possible
Not likely but could happen in the future
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