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leah kuzdal

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of leah kuzdal

Russian Revolution
By: Leah Kuzdzal
Before 1917, Russia was ruled by Tsar Nicholas II.
He had total control of the army, owned most of the land and controlled the church.
Many had little food, worked for little pay and in dangerous places.
Bloody Sunday
Major event that happened Jan., 22, 1905
Workers asked the Tsar for better working conditions
Soldiers fired upon the workers, killing many.
The Tsar was then thought of as an enemy of the working class.
February Revolution
Workers decided to strike and riot.
Army helped the working class against the Tsar.
The Tsar was forced to give up his throne.
The new government was run by the Petrograd Soviet and the Provisional Government.
Main factions of the Petrograd Soviet was a group called the Bolsheviks.
Led by Vladimir Lenin.
new Russian government should be a Marxist (communist) government
Bolshevik Revolution
October 1917
Lenin took full control of the government.
Russia now is the first Communist country.
After the Revolution Russia exited World War One
The Russian community went from rural to industrial.
Women and men had equal rights
Religion was banned
The new country was called the USSR.
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