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What is an implied reader?

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asmara kapur

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of What is an implied reader?

The notion of an implied reader
By Asmara, Nikita and Milan
AD 1
Implied Reader VS Actual Reader
The actual reader is everyone who picks up the book and reads it, someone who just manages to get through the book - not grasping the meaning of the text. The implied reader is who the authors want to read at the book.
According to Collins dictionary, implied reader is the hypothetical reader that a work is addressed to, who's thoughts, attitudes etc may differ from the actual reader.
Wolfgang Iser's
The Implied Reader is a book written by Wolfgang Iser. Through the book, he discusses the importance of the reader in literary study, and provides a series of essays w/ examples from texts to support his views.
Importance Of the Implied Reader
A major importance of an implied reader is having someone who can look at a specific piece of writing, from an article to a advertisement in a different perspective and frame of mind.

AD 2
Implied Reader AD 1
Implied Reader AD 2
Implied reader differences for AD 1&2
Conclusion/ Our Perspective
The implied reader of this advertisement would be women who are shopping for the under garments. Women who shop from victoria’s secret are most likely in the age category of teenagers to young/ middle aged adults.
The implied readers of dove ranges from teenagers to middle aged women to even old women. The 17-30 year olds that are targeted towards this specific advertisement would relate to the advertisement and their own body extremely easily and this would therefore benefit both the implied reader and the dove company.
The main similarity between the implied reader for both of these ads is that they are both aimed at women, from the ages of 17-30. They are both advertising for something to do with the female body, however even if the implied reader is the same for both of the ads, but the message that the implied reader receives is completely different.
Victoria Ssecret: We think that the VS ad was a good way to advertise their products and having skinny and petite looking models made the brand seem popular and therefore we ourselves would be conformed to buy the products.
Dove: In the dove ad, it also attempts to sell the product in a way that boosts a woman's confidence, but it displays women of all sizes.
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