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Swimming Around The World

No description

Group 2 COM10003

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Swimming Around The World

Swimming Around The World
Location 1
Location 4
Location 2
Heath, Healing and Spirituality
Health spirituality and Healing
Location 3
Health, Healing and Spirituality
Health, Healing and Spirituality
“The water is so warm and inviting that your family may not want to leave the private beach at the Palau Pacific Resort”
(Dunlap, 2014)
There are many beautiful beaches to enjoy in Palau.
Trails.com is made up of outdoor enthusiasts and appears to be a reliable source of independent travel information
“Palau has been named one of the Underwater Wonders of the World”
(Visit-palau.com, 2014)
There are many different water adventure activities available in Palau, you can scuba dive with sharks, snorkeling, dolphin encounters and surfing to name a few. Perhaps most famous is swimming with the stingless jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake.
Visit-palau.com is run by the Palau Visitors Authority, and directly appointed by the government of Palau it is within its interest to promote tourism to the country.
Palau has a number of spas and wellness retreats to choose from but one of the most interesting is the Milky Way Lagoon, a natural lagoon with healing limestone mud.
“The creamy water gives off a cloudy mystique, its bottom covered not by sand, but by white limestone mud, which gives the water a milky sheen.”
(McDonough, 2014)
According to World Arts today it is a "online arts and culture magazine that provides independent and original journalism" this appears to be the case and it is listed as a non profit organisation.
Palau is a collection of islands in Micronesia famous for its beautiful limestone islands and the abundance of water activities available.
“The Republic of Palau is inimitable. Most tourists who come here like to spend their time underwater, for Palau is among the world's most spectacular diving and snorkelling destinations”
(Lonely Planet, 2011)

(Palau Royal Resort, nd.)
(Daily Mail, 2013)
(Milky Way Palau, nd.)
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Wikiaustralia.com, (2014). Australian Beaches - Where Are Australia's Best Beaches? | Wiki Australia - Your Guide to Australian Travel, Destinations and Accommodation. [online] Available at: http://www.wikiaustralia.com/articles/australias-best-beaches/ [Accessed 18 May. 2014].

Zhu, (2010). surf rescue. [image] Available at: http://correresmidestino.com/bondi-beach/ [Accessed 18 May. 2014].
Bula from Fiji, an island country of the southwest Pacific Ocean comprising of around 360 islands. It has been a popular tourist attraction for decades and is a perfect example of how one country can have so many amazing, yet different examples of swimming activities.
The beaches in Fiji are world famous for their white sand and crystal clear water. One of the best is the “Island Beach” located on Robinson Crusoe Island. Safe swimming and breathtaking scenery makes this beach popular with travelers who love the water. (robinsoncrusoeislandfiji.com, 2014)
The information used was sourced off a vacation website which had very credible and up to date information. Links to other websites were sighted and testimonials from guests given.
The Sabeto Hot water springs and mud baths are famous with travelers. This hidden jewel located in Nadi provides a rare opportunity to indulge in a therapeutic natural spa and is believed to have healing and anti-aging properties. (roundtheislandtours.com, 2010)
The information was sourced from a travel website and provided up to date information and provided helpful information from experienced travelers.
Shark diving has become an activity that adventure seekers must do on a trip to Fiji. “Beqa Adventure Divers” provides the opportunity to see up to eight species of sharks and over 400 species of tropical reef fish. (fijisharkdive.com, 2014)
This company has it’s own website which was up to date and very informing. Testimonials and feedback from staff and experienced shark divers who have adventured here also make this a credible source.
Beaches such as Brighton, Dorset, and Slapton sands beach as well as the Orkney islands are among the most popular (VisitBritain.com, 2010). Visit Britain is a credible, reliable source, it is up to date, run by a credible organization and is recommended by the government of Great Britain.
(Time Out, 2014)
There are many water sports on offer in England including surfing lessons in Devon, rock climbing or diving on Lundy island beach, Jet skiing or Yachting in Poole harbour and kayaking through new forest national park. (Bournemouth.co.uk, 2014) Bournemouth is run by a credible five star resort and lists all resort adventure activities all over Britten and is updated regularly.

(Bournemouth.co.uk, 2014)

Chalice Well in Glastonbury consists of a waterfall, well and a pond that is said to be the healing pool in King Arthur's court, it is visited by many people in search of spirituality and calming. Another place known for its healing properties and spiritual significance is the Roman Baths in Bath. (Historylearningsite.co.uk, 2013) Historylearning is a credible source, it is run by a trusted organization, is updated regularly and contains links to other trusted sources.
(Romanbaths.co.uk, 2014)
England is surrounded by over 9000 miles of pristine coastline that provides the perfect setting for a family swim, or extreme adventure sports. There are also several swimming and water destinations that promote health and healing and are linked to spirituality.
(tripadvisor.com, 2013)
(divefijinow.diveasianow.com, n.d)
(roundtheislandtours.com, n.d)
There are many beautiful beaches, lakes, ponds and waterholes over the world. Fiji, England, Palau and Australia have among the best beaches, adventure sports and landmarks linked to health, spirituality and healing. There are many credible sources available to assist in finding these places and activities.
Australia is an island nation and as a result is very focused around water activities, not surprising for a country with nearly 37,000 kilometres of coastline.
“Most of Australia’s cities and towns are situated on the coast, within a few kilometers of the ocean, which amounts to 12 million people, or 85% of Australia’s population living within one hour’s drive of the coastline.” (Wikiaustralia.com, 2014)

Australia has some of the best beaches in the world “With more than 10,000 beaches around its shores, Australia leads the way when it comes to incredible sand and surf.” (Lonely Planet, 2012)
With iconic beaches such as Bondi in Sydney, Noosa in Queensland, Bells beach in Victoria and Cable beach in Western Australia there is a beach for everyone.
Lonely planet is a reasonably reliable source of independent travel information
(Bath house, n.d.)
There are many spiritual and healing waters in Australia one of the best rated is the Peninsula Hot Springs in the Mornington Peninsula.
“Peninsula Hot Springs is the only natural thermal mineral springs bathing and day spa facility in Australia.” (Tourism Victoria home, 2014)
Tourism Victoria is an independent travel site dedicated to promoting tourism within Victoria.
(the Great Barrier reef, 2014)
There is access to every kind of extreme water sport in Australia from Scuba diving to surfing, water skiing and white water rafting to name a few.
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. “You can swim, snorkel, dive and sail the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, a living masterpiece so big it can be seen from outer space.” (Australia.com, 2014)
Australia.com appears to be a reliable source of information and is dedicated to promoting tourism in Australia.
In conclusion Fiji, England, Palau and Australia are all countries with a vast array of beautiful coastlines featuring picturesque beaches for swimming or just relaxing. Adventure sports can be found in all of these countries both at the beaches and on inland sites. There are many landmarks that are valued for their link to health, spirituality and healing. Fiji, England, Palau and Australia all have water related sights that attract many tourists from all over the world. There are many references that proved to be credible sources of information in the process of making this presentation.
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