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Laura Secord

No description

Moin Sataur

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Laura Secord

Laura Secord
laura secord life story
Laura Inersoll went to upper canada and british colony at the age of eighteen and married Jame Secord. Their life in Queenston was happy until the war of 1812 broke out. The first war went well for the british but than after general brock was killed at Queenston American forces and some offficers were billeted with the secords. When laura secord overhead American soldiers planning a surprise attack she set out on a dangerous 32Km trek aross enemy line to warn the British General Fitzyibbon

trek across enemy line to warm the british general fitzyibbon.
what would laura important to canada
If laura secord did not exist than she couldn' warn the british force. If she couldn't warn them than niagra falls would not be in canada it would be in the United states of America.

Laura Secord was born on September 13 1775 at Great Barrington Provice of Massachusetts Bay. She died on October 17 1868 (aged 93) at Village of Chippawa Ontario Canada.

Laura secord achievement
Laura secord achievements happend because she spied on the emimes and was one of the first girl spouts in upper canada.

Laura when she was eighteen
Laura when she was 93
Laura famliy
James secord
Mary secord
Harriet secord
Charlotte secord
Appalonia secord
Hannah secord

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