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EnviroSmart 2018

Available at Prezzip.com 3D Abstract Color prezi template is a very cool and stylish prezi with bright colored text holders. Zoom in, move around and wow your audience!

Your Prezis

on 13 November 2018

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Transcript of EnviroSmart 2018

Separate elements
This prezi and many more available at:
3D Abstract Color prezi template is a very cool and stylish prezi with bright colored text holders. Zoom in, move around and
wow your audience!
corporate overview
safety first
ISNetworld registered
(PICS auditing system)
award winning
& zoom
woman - owned small business
matthew cawley
business development manager
wayne nelson
environmental services
31 years performing work as a general contractor
$720 million projects in the CONUS

industrial construction
chemical plants
transuranic waste processing facilities
waste water treatment facilities
15 years environmental management and remediation
SCADA Process Control Design and Implementation
licensed general contractor
Bonding Capacity
environmental remediation
emergency spill response
remediation system installation
assessment, sampling characterization
heavy site work and restoration
demolition and site clearing
long-term monitoring
waste water treatment operations
lead removal/stabilization
landfill maintenance
haz and non-hazardous waste disposal
facility O&M support
safety first?
currently 150
Charleston, SC
Nashville, TN
Washington, DC
industrial construction
SBA Small Prime Contractor of the Year Nominee
$2.95 MM
Camilla Wood Superfund
Site, GA
Client EPA Region 4
Camilla Wood Superfund Site, GA

Value: $2.95 MM

Scope: Construction of Engineered Soil Cover, Site Remediation
Place & Compact 11,400 cy of contaminated material
to create containment cell (the slurry wall installed under prior contract)

Install Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) system

Place 60,000 cy of select common/topsoil fill layer

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal,
transportation and disposal

Long Term Monitoring &Maintenance
place 60,000 cy of topsoil
place/compact 11,400 cy of contaminated material for containment cell
install GCL
received US EPA Administrators
24th Annual Small Business Program Award
key project highlights
-US EPA, engineered soil cover installation
- SI Group - industrial cleaning and groundwater recovery system installation
- Kaiser Aluminum - arsenic removal action
- EPA Camilla Wood Superfund Site, GA
Client: SI Group/Albermarle Corporation

Value: $1.2 MM

Scope: civil & mechanical construction, demolition, groundwater recovery system installation
install horizontal groundwater recovery system
industrial cleaning - removing sludge from
1 MM gallon tank

sand bed restoration

install horizontal groundwater recover system
construct swale, erosion control, site clearing, restoration

construction of new pressure vessel recconditioning building at active chemical plant

Storm Water diversion struture and levee breach

how it works
EnSafe- Kaiser Aluminum
Anderson, SC

Value: $133,750.00

Scope: arsenic removal action
erosion control measures
clearing & grubbing
excavate, transport and disposal of 620 tons of arsenic impacted soils located within a residential area

clearing and grubbing - tree removal

erosion control - SWPPP providing guidance to control runoff and implementation of best management practices (BMP)
residential area
Client: Cape Environmental/USACE

Value: $1.6MM

Scope: landfill capping, pcb soil removal, wetland mitigation
final product
construct vegetated soil cover system at former landfill used from 1971 - 1978 at Joint Base Charleston

excavate, transport and disposal of pcb impacted soils in wetland

site prep -clearing and grubbing - tree removal

grading, surveying and erosion control measures installed

installation of Geosynthetic Demarcation Liner
est.2001 charleston, sc
build a culture on safety
over 1 million hours without
lost time injury
industrial system cleaning
vac truck services
firing range maintenance
grounds maintenance/
sediment pond sludge removal
facility decontamination
target - where an
component exists


pcb hot spot
staff resources
Certified Hazardous Materials Managers
Registered Environmental Managers
Certified Federal Contract Managers
Wastewater Treatment Operators
Professional Geologists
Certified Safety Specialist
Heavy Equipment Operators
Class A CDL Drivers
Construction Managers
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