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Welcome to NAEOP

Electronic New Member Packet

Susan Belliston

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to NAEOP

NAEOP Councils
When you join NAEOP, you are automatically in a specific Council based on where you work in the educational setting. Councils are:
Middle School/Jr. High
High School/Career Technical
Higher Education
Education Partners
Area Directors
NAEOP also breaks membership down by geographic areas. The areas are:
North Central
South Central
When you join NAEOP, you are joining the only national association dedicated exclusively to the educational office professional. NAEOP's leadership is actively working in educational offices across the nation. They are working in our schools, state departments, and institutions of higher learning.
Belong to a Community of Dedicated Professionals
Benefits of Membership
Quarterly magazine--
NES Connector
Exclusive member discounts
Professional Liability Insurance
Private Practice Professional Liability
Group Disability Income Protection
Long-Term Care Insurance Evaluation Service
LegalShield & ID Protection
10-Year Level Group Term Life
Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Professional certification program
Reduced rate for annual conference
Educational training at annual conference
Affordable Webinars available through the NAEOP website
Nationwide networking with your peers
Scholarships for members and their families
Free publications available to members at http://naeop.org/home/information/merchandise.html
Field Service is available to help develop a local or state association or for Professional Development at http://naeop.org/2012-07-07-00-03-11/professional-development.html
Welcome to NAEOP
"Learn, Inspire, Lead"
Letter from
Wendy Heslink, NAEOP President and Susan Belliston, Vice President and Membership Chairman
National Association of Educational Office Professionals
Elementary Council
If you work in an Elementary School, this is your council. Your council chairman is Tina Gilliard-Rice, CEOE.
She can be contacted at:
Middle School/Jr. High Council
If you work in a Middle School/Jr. High setting, this is your council. Machel Salado, CEOE, is your council chairman. She can be contacted at:
High School/Career & Technical Education Council
Do you work in a High School or a Career & Technical School? Then this is your council. Mary Beth Smith is your council chairman and can be contacted at: smithmb@greatoaks.com
Administrative Council
Do you work in the Administrative office for your school district? Then this is your council. Sue Hand, CEOE, is your council chairman and can be contacted at: lhand@lcisd.org
Higher Education Council
If you work at a College or University, this is your council. Rene' Delaney is your council chairman and can be contacted at: rdelaney@boisestate.edu
Education Partners Council
This is the council for those who work in the State Department, Education Associations, and other employees of similar offices. The council chairman is Charlotte Zeller, CEOE, and she can be contacted at: czeller@ksde.org.
Mid-Atlantic Area
The Mid-Atlantic Area consists of:
District of Columbia
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia
If you live in this area, your Area Director is Jill Averyhart, CEOE. Her email address is:
North Central Area
The North Central Area consists of:
North Dakota
South Dakota
If you live in this area, your Area Director is Mary Guest, CEOE. Her email address is:
Northeast Area
The Northeast Area consists of:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
If you live in this area, your Area Director is Donita Smith, CEOE. Her email address is:
Northwest Area
The Northwest Area consists of:
If you live in this area, your Area Director is Eldene Wall, CEOE, and her email address is:
South Central Area
The South Central Area consists of:
New Mexico
If you live in this area, your Area Director is Deborah McFadden, CEOE. Her email address is:
Southeast Area
The Southeast Area consists of:
If you live in this area, your Area Director is Malinda Larey, CEOE. Her email address is:
Southwest Area
The Southwest Area consists of:
If you live in this area, your Area Director is Mary Meyers. Her email address is:
Executive Committee
Wendy Heslink, CEOE, President

Lisa Morehouse, CEOE, President Elect

Susan Belliston, CEOE, Vice President

Katherine Reichley, CEOE, Secretary/Treasurer

Patricia Stelmach, CEOE, Immediate Past President

NAEOP Dates to Remember
January 15 -- PSP Filing Deadline

March 15 -- Awards and Scholarship Deadline

May 15 -- PSP Filing Deadline
May 15 -- Advisory Council Forms Deadline

July -- NAEOP Annual Conference TBA

September 1 -- Intent to Seek Office Postcard due
September 15 -- Nomination Packet due
September 15 -- PSP Filing Deadline

November -- Voting for NAEOP Offices opens

December 1 -- Postmark and Online Voting Deadline
December 31 -- Affiliate Application Deadline

Opportunities for Leadership
There are several opportunities for leadership in NAEOP. You can serve on a committee and earn points toward your PSP Certificate. There are eleven committees in the NAEOP organization. Committee members are voted onto the committee at the July conference in the Area meetings. If you are not elected to a committee, you can always contact the committee chairman and ask to be placed on a committee.
Affiliations & Advisory Council
Committee Responsibility:
To ensure representation of the affiliated associations at the Annual Business Meeting
Provide affiliates an opportunity to broaden their horizons and strengthen both associations

Mary Guest, CEOE, is the chairman of the committee and can be contacted at: mary.guest@unl.edu
Committee Responsibility:
Secure qualified judges for the Olive T. Ritchie Educational Office Professional of the Year, the Educational Administrator of the Year Award and the Louise Henderson Nelson Award
Recognize outstanding local and state affiliates with the awarding of the Louise Henderson Nelson Award

Deborah McFadden, CEOE, is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: mcfadden@uhcl.edu
Committee Responsibility:
Assure the Bylaws of the Association remain current and reflect the will of the membership
Review the Bylaws and recommend changes

Katherine Reichley, CEOE, is the chairman of this committee and can be contacted at: kreichley@otterbein.edu
Long Range Planning
Committee Responsibility:
Study the programs and functions of the Association and make recommendations for changes to the Board of Directors

Jill Averyhart, CEOE, is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: javeryhart@richland2.org
Committee Responsibility:
Inform educational office professionals of the value of NAEOP membership
Promote new memberships and renewals
Review membership brochure and recommend changes

Susan Belliston, CEOE, is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: belsusan@cassiaschools.org
& Elections
Committee Responsibility:
Seek a slate of at least two qualified nominees for each position vacant for officers and area directors

This committee is a closed committee. Members are elected at the Annual Conference in July.

Donita Smith, CEOE, is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: smithd@greatoaks.com
Professional Development
Committee Responsibility:
Develop programs, which provide training sessions and disburse information to members, affiliates, and prospective affiliates and associations
Provide assistance for in-service training to affiliated associations and non-affiliated organizations through field service

Lisa Morehouse, CEOE, is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: lisa.naeop@lps.org
Professional Standards Program
Committee Responsibility:
Implement the Professional Standards Program as adopted by the members of NAEOP
Review annually pertinent material and information

Malinda Larey, CEOE, is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: mlarey@forsmithschools.org
Public Relations and Publications
Committee Responsibility:
Promote the Association through publicity among members, administrators, co-workers (who are non-members) and the community
Evaluate the extent to which publications fulfill the purpose, need, and review the substance for timeliness and content as determined by the Board of Directors
Source of information for editors and those responsible for compiling publications

Eldene Wall, CEOE, is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: eldenew@ncesd.org
Committee Responsibility:
Secure qualified judges to review applications for NAEOP sponsored scholarships

Mary Meyers is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: mcmeyers@graniteschools.org
Special Projects
Committee Responsibility:
Suggest, develop and carry out special projects which will aid NAEOP in professional growth and/or financially
Fund raising activities during Annual Conferences

Donita Smith, CEOE, is the committee chairman and can be contacted at: smithd@greatoaks.com
What is PSP?
The continuing education of educational office professionals is essential to cope
with rapidly changing conditions in the profession.

The National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) provides the opportunity for members to enhance their professional competencies through academic programs, conferences, and institutes. These incentive activities enable the members to take progressive steps to their desired professional growth level.

Successful completion of a NAEOP approved program qualifies the member for one or more of the following Professional Standards Program certificates:

Basic Associates Degree
Associate Professional Bachelor Degree
Advanced I Master Degree
Advanced II Doctoral Degree
Advanced III

Each certificate is based on requirements in three areas: education, experience, and professional activity.

Members of NAEOP may apply for admission to the Professional Standards Program. NAEOP encourages membership in local and state associations for educational office professionals, but it cannot mandate such membership. Graduation from high school (or the equivalent) is required.

Complete information on the PSP Program can be found at http://naeop.org/2012-07-07-00-03-11/professional-standards-program.html

Filing dates for PSP applications are as follows:
January 15
May 15
September 15
Awards and Scholarship Information
Awards and Scholarships for Members:
Olive T. Ritchie Educational Office Professional of the Year Award
NAEOP Educational Foundation Marion T. Wood Member Scholarship
Scholarships for Member Dependents:
NAEOP Educational Foundation Mona Smith Member Dependent Scholarship
Awards for Affiliated Associations of NAEOP:
Louise Henderson Nelson Award for outstanding associations
Web Site Award
Rachel Maynard Award for Excellence in Communication
Student Scholarships:
Marion T. Wood Student Scholarship
Student with Special Needs Scholarship
Award for Administrators:
Administrator of the Year Award (Nominated by an Affiliated Association)

Complete information regarding our awards and scholarships can be found on the Members Only page at http://naeop.org/members/member-login-logout.html.

You will use your email address and the password is N@eop2015.

What is Advisory Council?
Advisory Council meets once a year during the Annual Conference. Each Affiliated Association is encouraged to send one delegate to the meeting. This is the member's voice in the Association. The function of the Advisory Council is to:
Promote the purpose, goals, and ideals of the Association through the affiliated associations
Assist affiliated association and provide ways and means for an exchange of ideas
Make recommendations for programs that promote the Association
Advise the membership on matters concerning the Association and/or recommend new business
Promote the Affiliations Program and the purposes of the Association

Affiliation deadline is December 31. Affiliated Associations will be mailed a packet of information that must be filled out and returned by May 15. Packets will also be on the Members Only section at http://naeop.org/members-area.html

Delegates will have the opportunity to be nominated and voted on for the various committees.
Annual Conference
The Annual Conference is held in July and the location is in various parts of the nation. In 2017 the Annual Conference will be held in Greenville, SC, July 12 - 15. Conference information can be found on the website at www.naeop.org under Events. Complete information will be in the
NES Connector
magazine in January and posted online.

First time attendees will be welcomed to conference during the First Timer event. Everyone is welcome to attend this event whether you are a first timer or not.
Nominations & Elections
If you are interested in running for office, you can contact Donita Smith, the Nominations & Elections Chairman, at smithd@greatoaks.com. She has the information on the positions that are open for nomination and the qualifications.

A postcard must be submitted by September 1st indicating your intent to run for office. The completed nominations packet must be submitted by September 15. The Nominations and Elections Committee reviews all nominations and determines if they meet the qualifications.

Postcards are mailed to all members and elections are held electronically. Any member preferring a paper ballot may request one from the NAEOP office. Online voting closes at midnight and all paper ballots must be postmarked by December 1st.
Affiliations Deadline
Local and State Associations wishing to affiliate with NAEOP must submit their application by December 31 in order to send a delegate to the Annual Conference. Affiliating before the deadline also ensures the affiliate receives all communication from the national office including awards and scholarship applications.
Social Media
You can find us on the following Social Media outlets:
Twitter - @NAEOP
Facebook - facebook.com/NAEOP
Pinterest - NAEOP

Our Website is full of information - www.naeop.org

NAEOP Foundation
The mission of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) Foundation Inc., is to create and promote personal development opportunities for educational office professionals through seminars, scholarships, and the advancement of NAEOP.


The National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) Foundation, Inc., was established July 1984, following the 50th anniversary of NAEOP. The Board of Trustees was formed with a representative from all areas: members-at-large, retired members, a Past-President of NAEOP, and a NAEOP board member.


If you are an active or retired member of NAEOP, you are automatically a member of the NAEOP Educational Foundation, Inc. The Foundation owns and maintains the national office headquarters building in Wichita, Kansas, and is funded through individual donations, contributions, and programs like the Friends of Foundation. A Board of Trustees and the national office staff administrates the scholarship and educational programs.

The purposes of the Foundation in no way conflict with the purposes and programs of NAEOP. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible under the IRS tax code section 501(c)(3).
National Association of Retired Educational Office Professionals

The National Association of Retired Educational Office Professionals is dedicated to the achievement of professionalism of retired educational office professionals, to support and encourage attendance and participation in all retired professional activities and in public issues which relate to education.

2016-2017 Elected Officers
Rebecca Crabtree, CEOE, President

Ellen Gamel, CEOE, President Elect

Darlene Hovorka, CEOE, Co-Vice President

Karen Pulaski, CEOE, Co-Vice President

Linda Rush, Secretary, Treasurer

Rebecca Shipley, CEOE, Immediate Past President
Letter from our Administrator of the Year
Educational and Professional Growth Opportunities
Educational opportunities are available through the following:
NAEOP Annual Institutes held in conjunction with the Annual Conference every July
Annual Conference briefings and workshops
Affordable Webinars offered through NAEOP (information can be found on the website http://www.naeop.org)
Ed2Go classes http://www.ed2go.com/CourseCatalog.aspx?site=classes
State and Local Association Conferences
Foundation Board
Gayle Schnorenberg, CEOE - President

Darcy Blackstock - Treasurer

Sherry Wilson, CEOE - Secretary

Darlene Hovorka - Trustee

Gayna Warren, CEOE—Trustee/Marketing Coordinator

Sandra McCauley, CEOE - Marketing/Corporate Sponsor Committee Chairman

MaryAnn Hollingsworth, CEOE - Scholarship Chairman

Charla Callahan - Fundraising Committee Chairman

Connie Bergeson, CEOE - NAEOP Liaison

Wendy Heslink, CEOE - NAEOP President

Rebecca Crabtree - NAREOP President
Membership Flyer
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