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John Barlow

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Deborah_09_07_2014

Reading Clinical Research your flexible partner
for high quality volunteer testing

Meet the Team
Why RCR?

Clinical Research

Our experienced team of GCP-trained staff are led by RCR’s Founder & CEO Dr Laura Marshall and is committed to providing a high quality service focussed to your needs.
The RCR Team
Dr Laura Marshall, Founder & CEO

has 14 years senior management experience in clinical trials for personal care, healthcare and pharmaceutical products from the biggest blue chip companies to niche brand owners.

Member of Council and Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee for the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Godfrey Town, Investor & Non-Executive Director

Innovation Scholar at the University of Wales, RPA2000 Certificated Laser Protection Advisor, Chair of Home Use Device Working Group, IEC Technical Committee Member TC76/WG4 & TC61/WG30 covering optical radiation safety and safety of household products for personal care and cosmetic use.

with 20 years experience of laser and IPL devices for dental, medical and cosmetic use, has published numerous scientific and clinical papers in international peer-reviewed journals on laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) devices.

Charlotte Streams, Business Manager

7 years experience as a Clinical Trials Assistant working on a wide range of trials from patch test for skin irritancy, to GI testing of food products and consumer user trials.

Julia Firrell, Expert Assessor

25 years technical experience of consumer product testing from sensory assessments to consumer research and clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Assistants

All our CTAs are GCP-trained and many have developed particular expertise through many years experience of volunteer trials.

Dawn Mattingley is our expert recruiter and has 8 years experience.

Vanessa Dolan has 9 years experience and her attention to detail ensures the accuracy of our Test Article accountability records.

Dermatological Efficacy Testing
Accurate skin assessments and instrumental measurements are important tools to prove the efficacy of skin care products and topical pharmaceuticals. RCR offers the following dermatological assessments:
Corneometer (skin hydration)
TEWL (barrier function)
Sebumeter (oiliness/shine)
Spot counts (acne)
Skin redness / dryness
Clinical photography
Hair counts
Reading Clinical Research provide testing for the personal care, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries
User Trials for Personal Care, Topical Pharmaceutical and Baby Products
Accurate skin assessments and instrumental measurements are important tools to prove the efficacy of skin care products and topical pharmaceuticals. RCR offers the following dermatological assessments:
Skin Care
Hair Removal Products
Oral Care
Hair Care
Baby products
Products for problem skin (e.g., acne, dry skin, eczema)
Consumer Preference & Acceptability of Pharmaceutical Products
Gone are the days when it was accepted that “the worse it tastes the better it is for you!” Consumer acceptability of pharmaceutical products is seen as an increasingly important factor in ensuring patient compliance, particularly for children’s products. A product that tastes better or is easier to take also has a competitive edge over generic products.
Skin Safety Testing
From patch tests to exaggerated user trials we’ve got the skin covered! Whether you are looking to assess irritancy, support claims such as “Dermatologically Tested” or “Suitable for Sensitive Skin” or assess mildness during normal use, we have the expertise to advise you on the right study for your product. A bespoke study or one of our standard protocols? Let us advise you on the best solution.
Our standard protocols include:
48 hour, 96 hour & 3-application patch tests
Cumulative irritancy tests
Open application tests
Arm immersion studies
Surfactant irritancy tests
Consumer self-assessment of discomfort (pain, itch or sting)
Human Repeat Insult Patch Tests (HRIPT) for assessing allergic potential
Claim Substantiation

Both consumers and the regulatory environment are becoming more demanding of proof for the efficacy claims made by manufacturers of personal care and healthcare products. We design protocols tailored to your claim. We have experience of a wide range of claim substantiation protocols for the following product types:
Skin Care, Cosmetics & Toiletries (moisturising, anti-aging, soothing, lasting colour)
Hair removal products (long lasting, reduced re-growth)
Baby products (mild, suitable for sensitive skin, tear-free)
Acne (reduces the appearance of spots)
Oral Care
Nutritional Supplements
Eye Irritancy Testing
If your product is used in or around the eye, then we have several protocols and the expertise of a Consultant Ophthalmologist for the following claims:
Suitable for contact lens wearers
Safe for use around the eye
Glycaemic Index Testing
The Glycaemic Index or GI value of a food or drink product is a numerical index that ranks the test products glycaemic response (i.e. the rate of conversion to glucose in the bloodstream). The GI scale runs from 0 to 100, the higher the value, the more rapid the rise in blood sugar levels. Pure glucose serves as a reference product, and is given the GI value of 100.
GI values are determined experimentally by feeding human volunteers a fixed portion of the test product (after an overnight fast), and subsequently monitoring blood sugar levels at specific intervals of time. RCR uses an internationally approved standard protocol that has received independent ethical approval.
We have considerable experience of running taste assessments with consumer and expert sensory panels to GCP guidelines.
Safety & Efficacy of Cosmetic & Medical Devices
We can design specific protocols to assess the safety and efficacy of your medical or cosmetic device. We have particular expertise in protocols to assess:
Efficacy of cosmetic devices (e.g., light-based
hair removal and skin rejuvenation devices)
Irritancy of transdermal patches
Efficacy/irritancy of eye drops
Why Choose Us?
From protocol design through to presentation of results we provide a high quality service to meet your clinical testing and claim substantiation needs.
We have considerable clinical trials experience with particular expertise in the areas of cosmetic claims, dermatology and consumer assessments of pharmaceutical products. All staff are GCP-trained and committed to providing a high quality service focussed to your needs
Communication is very important to us and you will be regularly updated on the progress of your trial and we can offer advice at every stage.
Our Expertise
We are experts in protocol design and pride ourselves on offering flexible solutions to your claim support, timing and budget requirements.
We have a well-established volunteer database with a good demographic spread and we hold details of minor ailments, skin type and smoking habits
Above all, we are committed to doing an outstanding job for our clients on every project. Our approach is to build great, long term client relationships and we do this by striving for excellence at every step of the process
Would you like to test the latest skin creams, shampoos, toothpastes or cosmetics? We need healthy volunteers of all ages for our studies. You will be compensated for your time.

If you would like to be included on our volunteer database then please complete the details on the website and one of our recruitment team will be in touch.

Once you are on our database you will be the first to hear of any new studies we are running.

Clinical Research
Thank you
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