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Facts or Opinions

No description

dia widyawati amat

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Facts or Opinions

What is a fact?
What is an opinion?
Show me that you’re good at it!
Tuesday can also be a sluggish day
Oreo is an offensive term to refer to people
There are two sides of a coin
Comes Unifi, broadband is becoming the next dial-up connection
Proton is a Malaysian brand
Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between sentences that are facts and sentences that are fiction Time to shine... Not bad!!! Clap Clap!!! Now let’s step it up a notch
Shall we?
Slimming product
Brain booster
Health product
Skin care
Domestic helper
Magic oil
iPhone 10
Multipurpose bag
A FACT can be proven to be true.
Normally, it is supported with statistics research, evidence, etc.

An OPINION is what someone believes -it cannot be proven true or false. It is derived from facts
Facts or Opinons which is which? You said you’ve done this
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