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Making Presentations Powerful

No description

JayRay Ads & PR

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of Making Presentations Powerful

1 4 3 7 Don’t let numbers,
bullet points, charts and
stale coffee get you 1 Slides reinforce your meaning. The rest is up to you! 4 3 7 Making Presentations Pull up a chair! We have four bright red tips to help you
make your presentations powerful.

( Yes, using PowerPoint.) DOWN Tell a story Be inspired Picture yourself around a campfire and use your information to tell a story. Pictures, data points and charts don't tell stories, Keep it simple Fight temptation to use all of the design features at your fingertips. Simplicity goes a long way Team up Find a coworker to BRAINSTORM and SHARE ideas with Ask a designer to help make your slides SEXY! PowerPoint was never intended to be a comprehensive document Slides reinforce your meaning. The rest is up to YOU! Crave more insights from the RED CHAIR? Email us: Jen@jayray.com PEOPLE DO! Would I want to sit through my presentation? how a change of scenery can work wonders for the CREATIVE side of your brain.
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