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The Odyssey Hero's Journey

No description

Sierrah Adams

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey The Odyssey The call to adventure would be when Odysseus has to go to Troy to be in a battle. Call to Adventure Odysseus does not want to go to Troy because he just had his son come into the world. Refusal of Call Athena and others helps Odysseus throw his journey back to his home land. Supernatural Aid Crossing the first threshold was when Odysseus comes to the land of the Lotus Eaters and has his first encounter with things he has not experienced before. Everything from here on was new to him that he has not experienced in his everyday life at home in Ilhica. Crossing First Threshold Odysseus never has seen an cyclops in real life and when he is trap in the cave with the man eating cyclops who is eating his shipmates. He realizes if he does not do something soon he as well would be eaten. After being locked in the cave and separated from civilization that it will not be a normal journey. Belly of the Whale Odysseus had to face the Lotus Eaters, the Cyclops, the Land of the Dead, the Sirens, Charybdis, and the Cattle of the Sun God to get home. Roads of Trials When Odysseus meets Calypso, she falls in love with him and keeps him captive on her island. It keeps him safe from Poseidon but also away from home. Meeting with the Goddess Woman as the Temptress When Odysseus goes to the Underworld, he finds his father down their and he helps him with his journey. Atonement with the Father The Ultimate Boon When Odysseus goes to King Alcinous' island, in which he tells his story to him and after he is done telling the story the King helps him get home. Magic Flight Athena helps Odysseus through his journey and when Odysseus was home Athena help him get into his home to take down the suitors. Rescue from Without Odysseus is fighting the suitors and him having to sneak in without people realizing who he is. Crossing the Return Threshold The physical was his being able to get home and regaining his kingdom. Also learning to appreciating the gods for what they do. The emotional would be when Odysseus feels like just giving up but keeps on going. Master of Two Worlds When Odysseus was with his wife and her in his arms. Freedom to Live Symbolizes the strength and accuracy which proves that it is really him. Bow and Arrow Symbolizes the love between him and his wife and also proves that Odysseus finally has come because he is the only who knows about the bed. Bed Symbolizes the change of Odysseus inside of him and from who he was before. When he got home he was in deskyes but before he would have just walk in there and start killing without second thought. The Threshold Hero as warrior is a near god-like hero faces physical challenges and external enemies. The Odyssey is like that because Odysseus is a strong man who must go throw trials to get home, fights with himself to keep going. Hero as Warrior Odysseus is being punish for not appreciating the gods like he should. They put him throuw dangrous trials to teach him to appreciate the help he gets from the gods. Along the way he loses all his men through the journey and is the only one from his ship who goes home. The Fall Odysseus has gods on his side and against him through out his journey. Athena and Aeolus help Odysseus in different ways. Athena mostly helps him, like giving him a herb that will help him not turn into a swine by Circe. Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag of wind to help sail hime home. Poseidon wanted to get read of Odysseus and he did try but all of his attempts failed. Supernatural Intervention Circe also loved Odysseus even though she turned men into swine. She tried to keep Odysseus on the island but even through her advance he still left. The ultimate boon is were Odysseus finally is able to go home to his family. SIerrah Adams
Jaycee Devoll
Aron Avila
Calven Webb
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