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RAT Catalog

No description

Jordan St.Clair

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of RAT Catalog

Welcome to the Rapid Action Team Report & Recognition Meeting Increase Catalog Sales
Catalog Commanders
May 3, 2013 Why this Rapid Action Team? Team Actions Completed Direct sale creditability binder
Direct sale award program
Catalog and direct sale college
Monthly promotional calendar
Target customer marketing templates CYCLE-TIME:
10 weeks Rapid Action Team Work Summary NUMBER OF MEETINGS:
9 meetings END DATE:
April 17, 2013 START DATE:
February 8, 2013 Do not compromise profit for sales!
Partner engagement Become more profitable as a Cintas location
Increase customer raving fans
Create more success for our partners Team Charter Recap Increase catalog and direct sales? Rockford Catalog Commanders
Action Champion
Final Reports Champion Final Action Report #1 Champion Final Action Report #1 Champion Final Action Report #1 KEY LEARNING & KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: FINALIZATION PLAN/SUPPORT NEEDED: During this course we targeted areas within direct sales that needed to be addressed in order to increase knowledge in efforts to grow overall sales. Our team included management from various departments as well as multiple SSRs. Due to having a diverse and cross-functional team and having multiple point of views, we were able to successfully determine what information is imperative to have on-hand when in the field. Champion Final Action Report #1 SSRs should be able to utilize this binder anytime. Over time the use of this binder should help build their confidence when discussing direct sales with customers. Ultimately, this will increase overall sales at our location. RESULTS: Direct sale reference binder
Embroidery reference guide
Price sheet for in-stock disposables
Reference guide that shows embroidery, shipping charge matrix and important contacts
Disposable inquiry form for SSRs
Catalog item order form
West Chester catalog to show all the different types of available gloves and disposables.
Other info as needed: Ex. monthly promotion, point system, etc. PRODUCTS DEVELOPED: PRIORITY ACTION:
Develop a Direct Sales Reference Binder Champion Final Action Report #1 1. Target high revenue items that create repeat business (I.e. Disposables, Gloves, etc.).
2. Determine the most beneficial information that should be included in the binder
(i.e. Pricing, Products, Processes, etc.).
3. Created multiple documents to use as reference guides.
4. Make the binder informative but not over the top (meaning …too much information to handle).
5. Come up with ways to streamline various Direct Sale processes. KEY ACTION STEPS TAKEN: Create a Direct Sales Reference Binder which will contain a variety of informative documents that will aid SSRs when out in the field. The purpose of this binder is to help the SSRs feel confident answering questions related to Direct Sales. ACTION SUMMARY & WHY TAKEN ACTION CHAMPION:
Peter Bove We learned what areas of our catalog and direct sale program needed the most support and training by polling SSRs for their opinion.

We also realized there was no formal training being used to introduce catalog and direct sales to new SSRs.

We are placing an emphasis on our Certified Route Trainers becoming catalog experts so that they are able to effectively equip our new SSR-Ts with the knowledge to sell catalog.

Through this team we were able to clearly identify what routes needed a strong focus on catalog sales. We are now training those routes individually through weekly meetings and the use of this training guide. Champion Final Action Report #2 – Page 4 Champion Final Action Report #2 – Page 3 FINALIZATION PLAN/SUPPORT NEEDED: KEY ACTION STEPS TAKEN: PRIORITY ACTION:
Direct Sale University Training Champion Final Action Report #2 – Page 1 Create one large training program that can be broken down into different developmental stages based on the level and experience of the partners being trained. This is a useful tool to train new service partners with and also refresh current service partners on the different aspects of selling catalog and direct sales. ACTION CHAMPIONS:
Aaron Hill
Brandon Berg Champion Final Action Report #2 – Page 2 This training provides each SSR with the general knowledge of how to sell catalog. It also provides in-depth training into common problematic areas such as embroidery and the ability to accurately quote larger orders on the spot.
This training is customizable so that it can be used to train new service partners all at once or be used as a monthly refresher course.
SSRs learned the importance of selling catalog products at book value and when discounts are applicable.
Not only does this training focus on how to sell but we also train on product knowledge so that the SSR is comfortable speaking with each customer about any item in our sourcebook. RESULTS: Through our polling, we created a bank of information that was customized to our location and to our SSRs. As a result, we took that information and created an in-depth training guide that is applicable to any service partner no matter how inexperienced or how skilled they are at selling catalog or direct sales. WORK PRODUCTS DEVELOPED: Catalog 101: Catalog History and Overview
Catalog 201: Sourcebook Basics
Catalog 301: Product Knowledge
Catalog 401: Direct Embroidery
Catalog 501: Economics
Graduate Level 100: Selling Basics
Graduate Level 200: Creating Opportunities
Graduate Level 300: Final Exam The Training Champion Final Action Report #3 FINALIZATION PLAN/SUPPORT NEEDED: Champion Final Action Report #3 An entire year layout of promotions for the SSRs to focus on makes it much easier to present products to customers without having to go through the entire sourcebook.
Creates a catalog training guideline on which products to focus on during training
Promo pricing for focus products results in more customer sales.
Promotions are scheduled according the time of year that they will most effectively increase catalog sales. RESULTS: A monthly calendar template highlighting focus items from the catalog, along with information about, and promotional pricing for, the focus products. WORK PRODUCTS DEVELOPED: 1. Develop a monthly calendar outline
2. Research and find product for each monthly focus
3. Insert focus products into monthly calendar where they can have most impact on sales
4. Get promotional pricing for each monthly focus item, while maintaining profit margins PRIORITY ACTION:
Promotional and Marketing Calendar Champion Final Action Report #3 KEY ACTION STEPS TAKEN: Create a yearly calendar of catalog promotions, which focuses on 1 or 2 particular products, or 1 certain group of products, in conjunction with the time of year they would best fit. This action was taken to help SSRs focus on just a few items at a time out of our expansive catalog, therefor making them feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about talking to our customers. The more that our products are talked about, the more customers are aware, and therefor sales will increase. ACTION SUMMARY & WHY TAKEN ACTION CHAMPION:
Justin Genung
Tony Hartley Rockford Catalog Commanders
Team Work Products 1. Introductions and Team Charter
2. Champion Final Action Reports
3. Team Work Products –
Just-Do-It Actions
Results Assessment
Control Plans
Idea Bank
Final Commitments
4. Sponsor Commentary
5. Team Recognition Agenda: TEAM COACH:
David Thomas TEAM SPONSOR:
Eric Pravidica – General Manager TEAM LEADER:
Brandon Berg – Service Manager TEAM MEMBERS:
Brian Brosnan - Sales Manager
Tony Hartley – Industrial SSR
Justin Genung – Service Supervisor
Peter Bove – Catalog Manager
Aaron Hill – FS SSR
Richard Backeberg – Industrial SSR
Steve Thor – Service Manager Introducing the Rockford Catalog Commanders! 5
$162,941 Direct Sales Catalog 1. SSRs were polled in order for us to better understand what areas of catalog and direct sales they struggle with the most.
2. SSRs were also polled to discover what aspects of catalog and direct sales that they felt would be most beneficial to train new service partners on.
3. Cintas’ current catalog training was evaluated for additional material and training topics. ACTION SUMMARY & WHY TAKEN KEY LEARNING & KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: Champion Final Action Report #5 – Page 4 Champion Final Action Report #5 The calendar marketing flyer will be recognizable to the customer so in time they will know when they see it that it is the monthly promotional items.
The project marketing flyer is customizable so it can be tailored to a specific customer and there needs as identified by the poll.
When SSRs sell additional products to our customers we endear and grow the value in our relationships
SSRs will be able to become more familiar with the products and have more confidence in presenting them. RESULTS: We created a target list and obtained information from SSR’s and also create a couple marketing flyers that can be reused throughout the year. WORK PRODUCTS DEVELOPED: PRIORITY ACTION:
Marketing Material / Direct Marketing to Large Customers Champion Final Action Report #5 1. Created Query to identify target customers
2. Poll SSRs for direct sales opportunities
3. Develop reusable/customizable marketing flyer
4. Work in conjunction with calendar project to develop marketing material
5. Develop reusable/customizable marketing flyer KEY ACTION STEPS TAKEN: We created reusable marketing material for use in conjunction with other projects to help SSRs deliver the necessary information to the customers. Also created target list of large customers and polled SSRs to discover opportunities for direct marketing. ACTION CHAMPION:
Richard Backeberg
Stephen Thor Champion Final Action Report #5 KEY LEARNING & KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: FINALIZATION PLAN/SUPPORT NEEDED: We will be printing and forwarding materials to SSRs every month as well as when opportunities arise within individual customers. Champion Final Action Report #4 Champion Final Action Report #4 KEY LEARNING & KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: FINALIZATION PLAN/SUPPORT NEEDED: We will be extending the points reward program to the sales department for selling catalog direct sales upon initial new business prospects. Also, we are developing additional programs to get our production partners engaged in selling catalog. PRIORITY ACTION:
Points reward system Champion Final Action Report #4 1. Calculate point values based on items or dollars sold
2. Determine how SSRs will earn points
3. Determine point level tiers
4. Determine prizes
5. Set time a frame for points to be used KEY ACTION STEPS TAKEN: We created and implemented a point system to reward SSRs for superior catalog and direct sale performance, and linked that performance to specific prize values. ACTION CHAMPION:
Brian Brosnan Champion Final Action Report #4 Implementing a points reward system will motivate and energize SSRs to achieve higher results than they are use to.
Location catalog and direct sales will increase based on the additional effort put forth by the SSR to earn additional prizes
When SSRs sell additional products to our customers we endear and grow the value in our relationships RESULTS: We created a system that allowed us to calculate a point value to dollars sold while minimizing the impact to our profit margins. WORK PRODUCTS DEVELOPED: ACTION SUMMARY & WHY TAKEN ACTION SUMMARY & WHY TAKEN Reusable monthly
promo flier Customizable target
customer flier Champion Final Action Report #3 Champion Final Action Report #3 We learned how to configure promotional pricing while keeping profit margins healthy. We believe a monthly focus will greatly help in increasing catalog sales due to the SSRs having a certain group of items to focus on versus the entire sourcebook. KEY LEARNING & KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: Just-Do-It Action Summary
1. Follow up on items ordered and track for delivery
2. Ask for feedback on what is working
3. Post national accounts and MLRAs that can receive direct sales
4. Advertise the Cintas smart phone app
5. Glove sample rings
6. Add disposable pricing and FS catalog to their new customer onboarding packet
7. “Catalog Corner” bulletin board Rapid Action Team Operating Performance Impact Rapid Action Team Operating Performance Impact Rapid Action Team Financial Performance Impact Rapid Action Team Financial Performance Impact Rapid Action Team Results Control Plans Rapid Action Team Results Control Plans Rapid Action Team Idea Bank Rapid Action Team Final Action
Commitments / Next Steps Reactions/Comments From Our Sponsor Here is what I liked …
Interdepartmental teamwork to achieve a mutually beneficial result
The process of funneling over 70 ideas to a manageable number of action items (and everyone felt good about it)
Weekly meetings to keep partners on task and give status updates
Every step is time-bound
A plan has been developed to improve current performance and achieve sustainability Here are some issues and/or recommendations…
Meeting schedule and start time were consistently compromised due to differing partner job responsibilities.
Weekly meetings have value added content, but require more than current time allotment to cover all necessary material. Reactions/Comments From Our Sponsor Report on actions taken and results achieved by our team and confirm sponsor support to sustain results. OUR GOAL Welcome to the Rapid Action Team
Report & Recognition Meeting! Improving catalog and direct sales to $600,000/year will provide our location with an increase of $162,941 in total sales or an additional $3,133/week.

Improving the training, focus and processes surrounding catalog and direct sales represents opportunities to improve…

Increase in top line revenue
Increase SSR earning potential
Improved customer satisfaction
Higher SSR morale
SSR job satisfaction
Customer Raving Fans
Location growth
SSR product knowledge
Increasing our value proposition How can we … In order to … Key Considerations/Expected Work Products:
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