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Who is the media specialist in your school?

No description

Heidi Packer

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Who is the media specialist in your school?

A Teacher
One of the most important jobs of the library media specialist is to teach. Enabling students to become skilled, effective and responsible users of information is his/her chief concern.
Get to know your library media specialist today!
He/She wears many hats and can be an invaluable resource.
A leader in the school
He/She is active in curriculum development to ensure student success. The library media specialist also collaborates with teachers in all departments within the school to identify needs and share ideas.
An instructional technology expert
As a instructional technology expert, the library media specialist can help teachers and students integrate technology into lessons and projects.
As a bonus, he/she can also help trouble shoot common technology issues.
He/She is your instructional partner
He/She is ready to help with any lesson. The library media specialist can help teachers with instruction and offer differentiation in lesson planning.

Do you know what the media specialist does in your school?
An information specialist
He/She is ready to tackle any question. The library media specialist is knowledgeable in many areas and can offer solutions, suggestions, and resources. Just ask!
A Program Administrator
He/She manages the library media program's budgets, calendars, classes, promotions and activities, which are all necessary components of a successful program.
3.5 Reflections on Advocacy
by Heidi Packer
8464 Fall 2013
University of West Georgia

Studies have shown that having a full- time media specialist in schools can boost student achievement.
Reading and writing scores are increased when a librarian is present.
Literacy skills are improved.
(Kachel & Lance, 2013)
Kachel, D. & Lance, K. (2013, March 07). Latest study: A full-
time school librarian makes a critical difference in boosting student achievement. School Library Journal, Retrieved from http://www.slj.com/2013/03/research/librarian-required-a-new-study-shows-that-a-full-time-school-librarian-makes-a-critical-difference-in-boosting-student-achievement/
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